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Yeah ok, so you can blame me for the topic this week, and in all honesty I was going to delete it if we managed to get some more topics, but then I just got lazy because I would have to change dates on other topics, so you are stuck with it.  Given the last few weeks though I have found I would be interested in this from other people’s point of views.  We have some newer bloggers out there and they must have people or bloggers they are inspired by etc, so I am keen to find out who those on a pedestal are.

Are you starstruck by anyone? Does someone in the community respond to a post or a tweet and get you all speechless because they actually responded? Is there anyone you are waiting to have respond directly to you? Is there someone that you would like to chat to, but are too chicken? Am I the only one who puts other bloggers on a pedestal?

I also feel this could be slightly weird, given people will be named on here and how awkward it would be for those people, but blogging is about being honest and having the guts to put things out there 🙂  I came up with idea simply because recently a few people in the blogosphere were having their posts linked to, being interviewed and being responded to on twitter by people that i would literally be in shock if it happened to me.

Matticus is my first one, although he has responded to a few of my tweets, I still blush profusely and spend far too long trying to think of a witty reply back to him.  Matticus was one of the first sites I ever found when I became a GM that had some great strats for boss fights and ever since then I have been a bit of a groupie for him.  I will never ever get sick of having him respond to my tweets.

I occasionally tweet employees of blizzard that I can find and am yet to receive a response, but oh hell, it would be awesome. Maybe one day 🙂  I know they are not technically a blogger, but in the spirit of the entire interwebz thing.

I also have a few bloggers out there, which are starting to chat to me now because  I started chatting to them on their blogs.  Even after chatting to them for a while I am still excited when i see a comment from them and I still chicken-out when commenting on their blogs.  What if they think I am an idiot? What if I am not as cool as them?  Inevitably I just don’t post anything at all as it is safer.

In no particular order:

Cymre, Navimie, Gnomeaggedon, Kamalia, Akabeko, JD., Jaedia are the major ones. There are probably another 5 or 6 other bloggers that I really enjoy reading and so have on a slightly lower pedestal, but they no longer blog or post so randomly it is hard to even add them to this list.  Of course the list changes as well when I find new blogs.

Of course, I am now chatting to most of them, not all, but I still get nervous when commenting and seeing comments from them.  I like to pat myself on the back for even having the courage to talk to them – after reading them for so darn long.  I think my issue has always been the sense of thinking you know them when in reality you don’t.

Bloggers put a lot out into the nether, we talk, we comment, we rage, we laugh, yet it is not really us.  My venting about the game gives you an insight into my personality, yes, but that doesn’t tell you about me and my choices and my life and what I want and what I love.  When you read someone’s blog for so long, I think it is hard to find the balance of being friendly but not overly familiar because you really don’t know them – add that to my complete lack of skill with writing and I end up with disasters.  I have been told I am often too blunt in print, yet when I am typing it, I don’t think it is blunt at all because the tone with which I am saying things in my head,  is always much softer or friendly.  You can’t convey emotion in text.

I am also not very funny.  I think I am hilarious and will often laugh at my own jokes whilst others just stare at me blankly.  Combine that with the above and I am always worried I will offend someone, somehow or appear as someone who is just a wanker 😀

Sorry for the tangent there 🙂  The only other thing I would love is to be asked to do a guest post or interview on a podcast or something.  I would more than likely decline as I suck and writing and I talk far too much (refer above :p), however that would just be so immense to me.  I couldn’t even attempt to quantify it with words.  I want someone to be reading my blog and go “hey this one’s a bit funny or interesting -let’s get her on..and she has been blogging for a few years and playing since MC – lets ask!”  Maybe one day it will happen, maybe it won’t.

If you read my blog you know I have been playing since Vanilla, that is a long time to have seen a boatloads of blogs come and go, podcasts start up and forums come into being.  I always stayed as a reader and listener with my biggest jump becoming a moderator on Blog Azeroth after doing the Shared Topics for ages.  I have been jealous a million times over that people can amass such great followings and have such wonderful fans and do interviews and guest posts because they have the balls to get out there and get their blogs known about.

I also want to be on WoWinsider – for something. And the other week Robin linked to my site from a Shared Topic – which I was ecstatic about.  Shame my hit count only went up by about 3 – but it was exciting to be on there 🙂 My website will forever be in the internet cache being linked from WoWinsider!  I cannot stress my excitement at that!!!  The day I logged on to BA and found a PM from Robin advising it was going to be linked, I ran around the house screaming and the grin on my face was huge for about 24 hours….I swear!!

Anyway, I am sure this is going to be a quiet week on the shared topics because I am not entirely sure the famous people need to have pedestals of their own 🙂 But I will add some links as they become available 🙂

I can’t believe how many people responded! Fantastic!


Faye – The Dancing Tree





Amateur Azerothian

Cosmic – WoW Insider




Be Mop


Flask Half Empty – Ninevi

25 Replies to “Shared Topic: Starstruck”

  1. Oh thx for the mention 😀
    Don’t be shy or think your comments are stupid, I’m sure everyone you’ve mentioned would be happy to receive a comment from you.

    But I understand your desire to be linked on WoWInsider for something other than the ST 🙂

    1. heeh WoWInsider is like my holy grail 🙂 It’s a shame I don’t do anything worthy of it though, we all have to have a dream though right?

      Shy is probably a good descriptor, although my real life friends would tell you I am not shy :p

  2. Gnomeaggedon was the gentleman who first made me feel like somebody was reading my blog posts, and I always appreciated his energy and ethos. And I’m now off to have a gander at the rest. Thanks for the heads up.

    1. LOL no problem Typhoon 🙂 I hope you find some new cool reads to add to your roll…if not…you can’t hold me responsible for getting your hopes up :p

        1. I really need to update my links page – it is sooo damn old and blogs just come and go so fast these days. I shall have to spend some time doing that this week if I can – there are sooo many good blogs out there at the moment…some of the best I think.

  3. Starstruck with me? But I am nobody famous, I am just pretending! I love every comment you leave on my blog and you have seen how I spam your blog now LOL. OK so I was on TNB and I was surprised to be asked but I will always be a fan and reader of your blog 🙂 Besides, you’re practically Guild family now!

    1. I have to laugh that you don’t think you aren’t famous…maybe it is just me because I read so many blogs I see common names popping up and I guess when they are on tonnes of blogrolls and comment lists I feel a little intimated by that and therefore – pedestal!

      Yah, I am wheedling myself into the hearts of the guildies – I hope…either i am winning them over with my endless charm or I am going to get put on ignore soon :p hehehe

  4. Aw! /blush

    I chicken out on writing comments a lot, too. So often I feel like I can’t say anything suitably insightful or clever, and I don’t just want to repeat “oh wow that was so awesome!”, so I don’t say anything at all — I just admire silently.

    1. Scored a blush 🙂 hehe!

      Yeah that’s also part of it as well, I am just not witty enough to come up with different comments 😀 LOL

  5. Major?? Wow! 8D I am so flattered :> I’m so impressed that you tweet at Matticus regularly, and that you even contact Blizz employees! That seems really intimidating to me.

    It’s interesting that you mention our internet personas, in that what we put on our blogs isn’t necessarily the whole of our personality. I must say that I keep myself much more g-rated (ohoho) but I like to think that my natural friendliness is just ramped up to 11 online. Of course, twitter is where all the real dirt comes out…

    Since you’ve been playing and blogging for so long, you would be the perfect candidate for the Twisted Nether Blogcast! If not that, there are other podcasts that do regular interviews like Girls Gone WoW. It might seem weird to toot your own horn at them, but a lot of times they are struggling to find new voices, and they just need you to alert them to your presence!

    1. *blink* *blink* thanks for stopping past 🙂

      Don’t be fooled by my tweeting prowess :p I spend at least 5 minutes thinking about my tweet before actually hitting the send button…and I generally shut down my twitter once i send it to save me embarrassment that I sent it in the first place 😀

      I know I keep my persona’s very separate, I have 4 blogs that I maintain to keep all my parts separate and not to bore the readers I have under each of those sections of my life. But it means my wow friends only get one portion and therefore not a complete understanding. I find it an interesting concept though that people can do it so well.

      I am not a self horn tooter 🙂 I am the silent type who works in the background and wants to be awarded and recognised for their effort and not how well they can sell themselves. It is a downfall when wanting to have some sort of recognition but not wanting to actually put myself out there. I am like an onion…I have layers :p ehehehe

  6. Thanks for the kind words!

    I won’t lie, I never know what to say when someone holds me in regard (as you’ll see by my own answer to this topic…which was a great idea, by the way).

    1. My pleasure, no need for thanks 🙂 It can be awkward but taking compliments is always difficult…When are you posting yours for public consumption…unless of course I am blind.

  7. I’m flattered, really! Thanks. I uh, I guess I don’t really see myself as much more than just an ordinary player and writer. Only thing special is that I’ve been around for a long time.

    Keep up your blog! I’ll be watching from afar ^^.

    1. It is I, who is flattered! You commented on my blog I can’t focus my brain on responding.

      Not that you would know, but you helped me create strats and offer suggestions for our guild when we started it up, you were a massive inspiration into our goals and ideals, from my third of the leadership involvement anyway. I cannot thank you enough for that or for the insights into the game, so although you were a ordinary player, you were someone willing to write about it and share it. That’s what made you “THE” guy for my pedestal.

      As long as I am playing I will be blogging! I would post about this but it might seem a little weird, so instead I will just offer my thanks for taking the time to comment and make my day so much brighter!

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