Still mogging for the olympics :)

I have had a very productive morning, mogging my toons for the olympics.  I got 4 outfits done today and I have a few ideas about the other ones running in my mind.

I am slightly amazed at how many people are a part of this now, I think we were over the 30 mark last time I checked and that is intense competition if you ask me 🙂

I am hoping for at least one of my toons to get a medal and if I even get more than that I will be ecstatic!!  I am not the best at transmog as I am a pretty quirky kind of person so my outfits are a little non mainstream 🙂  But I am having fun and that is all I care about!!  Not everyone is going to get something though – just because of sheer numbers and I assume they are only giving out gold, silver and bronze…so it is going to be tough tough tough 🙂

Hubby is going out tonight, so I am going to see if I can do anymore, however my brain is pretty mushy at the moment, so I may just level my priest a little bit and not do anymore transmog…I still have 3 weeks to finish  them all off.

I also have to sort through all the screenshots I am taking and see which ones are usable and effective, but I am only using Mogit, so it really isn’t all that hard 🙂

I am going to have a great time trying to delete all these toons I am making as well given they all have mail etc, I have to log into each of them and delete all the mail …time consuming let me tell you!!  LOL

I used my mage for the flag bearer, but I really want to use her for something else as well.  She is my main toon she deserves to be in the spotlight at some point I think!

Anyway, I am off to do the mowing since hubby is still sick and make some lunch 🙂


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  1. Glad you’re enjoying the contest!

    It seems everyone’s getting their Mog groove on and working on their outfits. I love what I’m seeing already just in the flag bearers. I have a feeling this is going to be just as hard to judge as Mog Madness was back in the spring.

    Oh, and if you missed it, WoWInsider ran a post about it yesterday. Not surprisingly, we’re over 50 participants now.

    1. I did reteweet that today about WoWinsider…I can’t believe it!! I feel bad for all you judges having to go through so many different outfits and come up with an actual winner…I can’t imagine it is going to be easy or quick for you guys. You may need another judge or two? LOL

      1. Once upon a time I had a scoring system. Then common sense told me it wouldn’t work if we had more than about 15-20 people and so we changed it. Definitely makes things a bit easier in that regard. Just really glad I’m on holidays for a few weeks in August, lol.

        1. You mean to say, you HAD some time off in August!! If we get too many more entrants you are not going to be free until at least October 🙂

          I was wondering what kind of scoring system you were going to be using with so many people in. You are going to have to have one hell of a spreadsheet!

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