Transmogging and brain killer

Last night we went to DS, our intent was to do some heroic modes, we didn’t have enough people online so we did a normal run.

The alts vs main thing flared up AGAIN!!! I am so fucking sick of the argument and in truth I just wish they would call it quits with raiding until mop.

We had a pug rogue in the raid who was hassling our hunter for winning some vial trinket off yorsahj and I had to boot them because he kept hassling her. He then proceeded to mock us for our bad dps and being so shit…what’s funny is that we aren’t a guild who watches our dps or even really gives a shit about meters etc..The joke was on him really because we were completely uninsulted :).

The issue I have is that I agree with the rogue about the trinket…I am not entirely sure why hunters would use a trinket that procs a physical damage effect….do hunters even do physical damage? Yes I understand the agility is good for hunters, but same for rogues and shammies and more so because they benefit from the proc…can anyone clarify hunters for me?!?!?

I was outnumbered and when I explained about the proc I got told basically it was bis for hunters…sure?

Anyway, aside from that we only killed up to ultraxion after wiping the first time on him.

Transmogrify for the Olympics is killing my brain, I come up with outfits and then decide they aren’t good enough, do start again…I have to stop doing that. The competition has some of the best transmoggers competing though and I really feel I have to produce completely perfect concepts! Hehe I will get there though!

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  1. If it was Vial of Shadows, yeah, it’s BiS for most hunters. Hunter attacks are still considered physical. If the text read “melee” attacks, that’d be one thing, but physical damage includes anything that isn’t considered a “spell”, I believe. Vial of Shadows is, indeed, BiS for hunters, as well as Wrath of Unchaining. ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Thank you for clearing that up for me, I was not aware they did physical attacks. I have learnt something new today – I am happy!

      Yes it was Vial of Shadows ๐Ÿ™‚

      1. All of the agi DPS classes share their BiS trinkets, unfortunately. Vial is ridiculously good for rogues, and actually received a nerf/”rebalance” because it was too powerful in Arena on rogues, but it’s also 2BiS for hunters. The hullabaloo about rogues being OP with this trinket may have made them feel somewhat entitled to it.

        The most magic-ish hunter spec is Survival, and they don’t even do enough non-physical damage to make their mastery (increases magic damage done) an attractive stat. Enhance shammies they ain’t.

        1. I am so glad I am learning all this stuff…I really know nothing about hunters…I just like collecting pets on mine.


    Vial of Shadows
    Binds when picked up
    Unique-Equipped: Vial of Shadows (1)
    +458 Agility
    Requires Level 85
    Item Level 397
    Equip: Your melee and ranged attacks have a chance to trigger an additional attack for 4028 to 6042 physical damage.

    Notice it says melee and RANGED – as such would be bis for probably most hunters / rogues untill they get something better


    1. Yeah I just didn’t realise the “physical damage” thing was hunter friendly…I had no idea, but then I don’t really pay attention to my hunter all that much so it is no wonder I was clueless…

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