Mogging it

I was transmogging gear again with Mog it last night and getting sooooooooo annoyed that my low level characters had bugger all items…I hung around hoping that Navimie would turn up online as I couldn’t figure out the problem and I was gong to beg her to help me.

Turns out, google search was useless in helping me and I couldn’t find what I was after.  The Navimie saved my bacon though…stupid filters 😀 took her about 0.1 of a second to know the issue…got to love that girl.

Anyway, I am using all my various toons to base my olympic outfits on but in the end I just want to use my tauren warrior for everything because he looks awesome in all gear 🙂  I am struggling to figure out what classes I want to use for what events, so am getting all confused about gear choices etc.

I have found 2 bows I like which is a good start.  I have found 3 belts I need to narrow down as they are different armor classes.  I am tossing up between 2 shields and have not even looked at swords or hammers yet.

I actually have almost got an outfit sorted for one of the bows, but it came together a little too easily and I am second guessing myself.  So I will have another look at it tonight and see if it still appeals to me. It was sort of a 5 minute job when all the pieces I noticed just went together like a set even though they aren’t and that freaks me out because it shouldn’t be that easy should it?  LOL  I think it looked hot though…

I found an awesome belt, and stupidly forgot that I could just change my class to suit the belt instead of change the belt…but when I figured that out, I came back and then couldn’t remember which belt it was that took my breath away the first time. Ah the joys of having no short term memory because of a misspent youth.

I also have the most fantastic idea for my Freestyle…but I have NFI if I can do it..or if it will even work…I am going to do my best  and I am not going to give up until I get it done…but oh…if I can do it well – I may just make it my main transmog set for my mage 😀

I want to transmog all the things!

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    1. I am glad i wasn’t alone..I spent about 25 minutes searching the help and online…I didn’t even think to check the filters… 🙁 Like an idiot! hehehe

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