My flag bearer

I got the Sha’tar tabard as my country.  I decided to use my mage for this as she is relevant to the BC era  😀 and has lovely long legs.

Anyway, I have to let JD know, so you guys are getting this before anyone else!!  This will be the only one I can post up here as all voting is anonymous on the outfits.

Waving her Sha’tar flag proudly!

God awful ugly colours let me tell you, but I am loving the outfit I put together 😀 I hope these pictures are better quality, they looked awesome on my pc, but not sure if they lost quality when i uploaded them, and my work computers are so old, I can’t tell if they are nice or not.

I hope you enjoy!

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10 Replies to “My flag bearer”

  1. I agree with Devee. I thought you might pull one of the colours, but using the tabar’s palette for the full outfit turned out really well!

    1. Thanks JD, I was trying to not make the entire outfit those colours, but I was trying to keep it all mage wearable gear simply to get into the right frame of mind for the rest of the comp.

      I like it though 🙂 All gawdy and bright 🙂

  2. I agree with Navi, the flag was an inspired choice. Also purple is a not a “God awful ugly colour” :p
    I like it. Nice and bright, would definitely stand out in a parade.

    1. oh, no purple is one of my favourite colours, along with blue, but I found it really hard to find items with purple and pink on them of the same shade as the tabard. I should have clarified that a little better perhaps 🙂 There is also not really a lot of ingame gear with pink on it 🙁

      I knew I had to have the scroll as a “flag” the second I saw flag bearer as a costume…it was going to be in my transmog no matter what tabard I got 🙂

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