Alt run of shame

We did an alt run tonight because of the save to the DW kill. It was a pretty good run considering we had 8 alts in the run, we got the first four bosses down.

The shame I mention is my own. I was an awful raid leader tonight, I was so focused on trying to get my rotation as boomy that I wasn’t leading very well, so when I tried leading my rotation suffered. I couldn’t balance everything (no pun intended) but a boomy rotation is so different to a Mage. I do ok in LFR because I only need to watch my rotation and not anything else.

I healed on yorsahj because it was a little heavy for the healers, I sucked by the way. I gave it my best though and we got him down. I also called out badly on the colours which didn’t work and then we wiped, but then after copping shit for it, it didn’t wipe us the next time. Anyway, I guess something was different the other time, anyway I apologised profusely for my bad calls.

My DPS was barely above 16k all night, I have seen myself do much better, but I was just disappointed. If I want this o be my main in MoP, I have to be able to play the fucking thing better. My hubby however, jumped on his shammy and was fighting for top spot with 2 hunters, sitting at about 25k with pretty sub gear; he is so impressive as a player 🙂

Onto other things, hubby and I spent all day playing the shammy and paladin, we got them to 84! About 40% through, so not long to go :). We also have hubby’s druid to 83 and his tips were helping me in healing DS.

All in all an eventful night and I am exhausted.

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    1. it was a little fun to be on my boomy in non LFR DS 😀

      I am more excited about having another toon at max level soon…my shammy hasn’t been maxxed since BC 😀

  1. 16k is… not ideal. >..<), then it feels like you have to watch everything in the entire world at the same time.

    Not the best alt for raid leading, is the point. 😀

    Your rogue, on the other hand, will mostly be concerned with using CDs at the right time and hitting a couple of buttons. May be surprised how enjoyable it can be… there's something to the purity of a clean rotation.

    1. Oh ffs… it seems to have decided that my emoticons were markup and abandoned half my comment. Grr.

      Basically: balance seems to have a serious learning curve and heavy attention requirements.

      1. Heavy attention requirements definitely! I can’t do much else but stare at my timers really and watch my damn eclipse movements.

    2. Yeah 16k was a little depressing, but in truth it is hard to judge a 10 man compared to an LFR where you have 24 people as opposed to 9. My gear is pretty medicore for 10 man, ok for LFR though.

      I think boomies are a very misunderstood and badly played class though. I am not helping with the badly played thing, but we have the weirdest mechanic of having to wait for our spells to hit before we get the movement in the bars and I read somewhere recently we have the longest spell cast for a DPS..with those two issues, being ranged sucks as we need to be closer to the target so our spells hit faster, but we also can’t move much…the fights in DS are move your arses fights.

      The above is why I think I have an issue with rogues…at an early stage – perhaps is changes later but I can’t just stand there and not do anything. It feels wrong. I need to be constantly casting or something surely? It isn’t right to be standing there waiting for energy to come back to get another combo point before hitting the finisher….it’s slow? maybe…

      1. You haven’t got any of your energy generation tools yet. It’ll get better, but never to the point where you can spam an attack every single GCD. You’ll also scale really well at certan gear breakpoints. What spec are you running?

        Rogues are designed so that they use measured doses of energy, pooling and spending according to mechanics and trying to avoid capping at any point. Part of what makes Adrenaline Rush such a ridiculously effective cooldown is that it completely removes the energy management aspect, and you can constantly spam ALL THE ATTACKS while it’s up.

        A lot of any rogue’s damage is simple white hits, even at max level. Disappointing perhaps, but I find Combat at least elegant in its simplicity. If you really want to see a distressing levelling spec, try Retribution. For a huge chunk of its levelling lifespan you’ll be doing nothing in between Crusader Strike cooldowns. >.<

        1. Well, I am only like level 17, so not really running much of a spec, but it is combat at the moment. I suck at the resource management at the moment, because I want ti hit all thebuttonz!!! hehehe

          I actually enjoyed ret, but more because I could just constantly hit random buttons all the time…I didn’t have to actually wait much, but the last time I played ret was doing the revamped onyxia and having just levelled as prot…so I was probably doing it all wrong! lol

          I am glad it is the class and not just me though, I will continue with it and see how i settle into it. I guess each class has its differences that you just have to learn and practice 😀

      2. Ret has a fair bit that they can do at max level. It’s the levelling that’s excruciating. 😀 Keep Inquisition up, hit TV on 3 holy power/DP proc, hit CS on CD, fill with Judgement and Holy Wrath and use CDs aggressively. Welcome to ret.

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