Warrior love

I had my day off on Wednesday and so I spent some time giving my warrior some love 🙂

Started off doing Ahune on all my toons – stupidly I was tanking on my pally when I signed up as healer and I didn’t even realise…DUH!

After those 4 were done, I decided to run some normals on my warrior, just to get rid of some gear – I am wearing tanking greens, but they are greens 🙂  I want to be able to at least be running twilight heroics…possibly LFR, but I am not overly stressed about that.  I am already running LFR on my druid and I have no idea how people do it multiple times on their various alts…I could probably handle it on one more toon…but that would be the limit.

Anyway, every run, I explained to the group that I was building my set so my threat generation was a little slow and to be please be aware.  I had absolutely no problems. I think my little warning let people know the situation and it made things so much easier.  If I lost mobs I got them back very quickly, overall no one died in the 6 or so runs I did and I was quite happy with it. No one yelled at me or gave me shit – that made me happy as well.

I am half blues now, 1 epic and the rest still greens, I am getting there.  I can run heroics now for cata if I want to, but I will hold off until I am happy with my gear – a little more change would be nice.  I don’t want to run into heroics and get squished with one hit.

I was quite happy with my effort and I have missed tanking on my warrior…I do enjoy my pally as well, but my warrior has been around as long as my mage has, and holds a very special place in my heart 🙂

He was quite happy to be getting back into the dungeons as well…kept jumping around like a crazy cow. I think he is just happy to be having company again.

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  1. I’ve found that whenever I’m on a toon that isn’t my warrior, if I’m warned by the tank that they’re new or inexperienced with the fight, or just undergeared, I will be extremely lenient and helpful. But if they come in and don’t tell me they’re new, I’ll assume they know exactly what they’re doing and will treat them accordingly.

    Whenever the tanks admit to a lack of experience, my respect level goes so much higher for them. It’s never easy to admit we’re not the best or that we don’t know what to do. But those admissions make for a much easier run for everyone.

    1. Exactly Hyperious. It saves everyone getting worked up and angry and abusive :p I think a lot of people fear the mockery if they say anything, but you know – every single person that plays this game started off without a fully epicced toon – every single person starts off needing to get gear and build their character up – why is there so much shame involved in just letting people know upfront that you are starting out? I guess I am lucky – I know how to tank – I just didn’t have the gear to support it – others aren’t so lucky.

      I always wonder why this game has such a huge element of shame attached to doing various things in the game which help increase your skills and gear.

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