Selfish and annoying

I confess, I was very angry tonight, in fact I had /gquit typed into my chat window I was so angry. I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised it was my fault for being selfish, but I can’t help it – it angers me.

Since we killed DW a few weeks ago, I have been wanting to ensure our long term members get this kill as well, I have been pushing that agenda because I know people will start losing interest soon.

Anyway, tonight we needed a couple of people to switch to their mains to raid and they didn’t want to lose a raiding week on their mains. Yes I can understand that, but given we had already said we would be doing alt runs this week instead of mains providing we got DW down, there should have been no concern about not doing DS at all this week, and IMHO, does gear really matter this late in the game to miss out on one weeks raid?

To me, no…I have 3 other toons I can raid on, I am one of the people in the guild with the least amount of raid ready alts. I have never cared about gear, I want boss kills and the enjoyment of working with other people.

I know others do care about gear, but you know supporting the team that gets you the gear is better than not. They want to try heroic modes and I am pretty much on the verge of telling them to shove it. I am being unrealistic about wanting the team to get the kills, I know that, but I don’t like the way the constant theme is about loot – any other reason would probably not piss me off as much…..I say probably…lol

The only heroic I want to get is sinestra in bastion. That would be cool to see.

Anyway, I am pretty miffed about the entire thing. It took us a few attempts but we did get DW down for the guys that missed out and that makes me happy. Sunday will be alts if we can field a full team, and I will see how it goes…I may heal on my Druid or boomy it up…

Sorry for the rant!

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  1. I don’t blame you for feeling that way. I tried to work it for everyone in the guild but you can’t help people who have their own agenda and in the end that’s what killed my guild. By that stage, I’d had enough though, however I do miss some of the stuff I used to be able to do in-game. There’s just not a lot you can do by yourself these days (at least what I’m interested in doing) so I’m looking forward to Mists, like a lot of people.

    I’m glad you guys got the DW kill in the end, esp. the ones who didn’t have it.

    1. Yeah it is definitely a killer if people don’t have the same agenda…I wish people would just be honest about it when they apply to a guild – that way you can really get rid of the ones who don’t meld with the same ideals.

      But as you say, at least we got the kill for people – and that is all I wanted.

    1. What annoys me though is that we have only just cleared DW, like a couple of weeks ago…and already people are talking about heroics etc when we can’t even get a group together to kill him normally…it doesn’t feel like the end of an xpac to me, because we are so far behind the actual raiding ball. It is hard to meld those two things in my head 🙂

  2. My guild had the same issue at the end of Wrath. We really wanted to push and get as many Shadowmournes (and all the goodies he came with) for some of our vet dpsers as well as getting the cheeves for our mounts.

    Well naturally, we got the cheeves for our mounts.. and people stopped showing. We ended up pugging the fights a lot with Cata on the horizon, which totally sucked sometimes but as Navimie said the end of the xpac brings all sorts of shittiness out in people.

    Good luck out there!

    1. Thanks Hayfayfay, it does seem to be an issue that people just lose interest once they get what they want without thought to the other people in the guild. I mean you build up a team over an expansion – a group that work together and put in just as many hours as everyone else – why should they not achieve the same as the others. I consider it a very big personality flaw in people to be that selfish in a game that is inherently about being a team and working towards goals together. If they don’t want to help the team stop playing MMO’s….GAHHHHH!! LOL

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