Shared Topic: Rename WoW

Frinka asked a very simple, yet hard question this week for the shared topic on Blog Azeroth.

Knowing what you know now about the game, what name other than World of Warcraft would you give it? Why?

It sounds simple really, but coming up with a catchy name is harder than I thought it would be.

Some of mine are not really language safe – as is my way, so I have shoved it behind a cut to shield potential bad words 🙂

At first I started with the whole “World of…” thing…Probably because that’s what we know it as – it is a safe (?) choice?

World of Fantasy

World of Magic

World of Dickheads

World of immaturity (reference my post on monday re my own immaturity and dummy spit :p)

World of Might

Dickheads united

Magical Arseholes

Pricks with Dicks

I decided I really shouldn’t name my most treasured game after the minority of idiots.

So, I sort of melded into Warcraft World, Hero quest (isn’t that a game already?), Might and Magic (already taken?), Land of Myth, Mythworld.  None of them were catchy and not really relevant to the Warcraft games it is based on – but hey it is my name isn’t it?!?!

I thought I would try a different tack – it must have dragons in the title for me to even pick up the game now – no dragons = no win 🙂

So, dragonworld, World of Dragons, Dragonage (? already taken), Dragonmount…

So they all sucked as well.  I am still struggling to find a name that sums it all for me because it is so detailed and has so many nods to other sci-fi/fantasy things I can’t separate them as easily as I would have liked to.

I guess I could go something girly like Friendship World :p,  Rainbow Land, World of Making Friends and lovers…giggle…at least I can laugh about it.

I think my issue is that each expansion uses a different storyline for the basis, BC was legion, Wrath was LK,  Cata was Dragons. There doesn’t seem to be an over arcing story that covers all those plot twists.  And although the Horde and Alliance don’t actually speak to each other, we are always defending our planet against the same enemy.

With the above in mind, and the basic sort of understanding that dragons are the only creatures worth mentioning and the game is full of dragons…and as we know Cata was sort of the main storyline of the dragons – which I don’t think is over.

My name for it would be Flight of the Dragons.

***After reading other posts I realised I didn’t even think of using the word Azeroth anywhere….fail***

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