Done and dusted

Onto the excitement, my Shammy got to 83 yesterday 🙂 I am so happy for her. I am playing enhancement and enjoying it more than I thought I would to be honest!

I am lucky to have a very gifted enh shammy that I married and he was giving me some great tips 🙂 I have never been a fan of melee, but shammies seem to handle it better…or maybe I am not clueless….no idea 🙂

We should have hit 85 sometime this week with these current toons, so that is a little exciting 🙂 That will make my shammy toon number 5 at max cap, my priest will be hot on her heels!

Onto the guild drama though!

Most of my real life mates will tell you I am impulsive and have a temper – mixing the two is not good! Last night I nearly quit my guild because I was just so completely over every single person in it.

I still might do it anyway I am still so annoyed and a whole day will have passed by the time I get home tonight.

It all started because we organized the previous pugs to join us last night again instead of taking guildies.

Firstly, we organized the pugs after our previous raid on the basis that people tell us consistently they aren’t available on certain days.

Secondly, people who said they should be available said they weren’t just before raid time – even though they were online. And those who normally aren’t available were. I also judged the group based on who said they were happy to sit out….

Thirdly, our MT and main healer are having massive Internet issues so I needed to replace them with tank and healer and not DPS. Unless DPS can suddenly do both of those jobs and I missed the memo???

So after 15 minutes trying to explain that I needed a tank and a healer and not a dps, I threw my headphones at the desk and walked away. I came back about 10 minutes later to everyone still arguing about it.

I was shitty all night, add that to people dying because our healers just couldn’t keep people alive and you realize how much one of healers holds up the rest. The pug healer was doing approx 50% healing with our guildies doing about 25% each. I know healing meters aren’t everything and if everyone survived I would agree with you, but people were dying. A lot.

I normally don’t like to complain about specifics, just that we sucked or we succeeded; but I am still so angry about last night, I wanted to be a little more honest on my own damn blog!!

I understand they want to raid with friends or whatever, and I can bullshit on here, and to my friends all I want – I hate being with players who can’t play. It annoys me that I get abused by “guildies” because I am trying to ensure a run goes ahead unlike the last 2 months.

Sorry for trying to be organized, sorry for trying to get all the guildies their DW kill, sorry you change your mind, and sorry you can’t figure out that whatever class your playing is not the one for you. I am sorry I am paying $15 a month to put up with your shit and I am more than sorry that I don’t have the balls to just leave.

Anyway, we didn’t get DW down, we got spine after about 6 wipes. I had to tank on DW and I had my seal of insight up and every single cooldown being burnt to stay alive – trinkets, glory, Naauru….anything….

They are going to head back in tonight to get DW, I am not available tonight – even if I was – I would not be able to deal with them after last night. I stopped being a gm and a raid leader because of shit like last night and it just goes to prove these people don’t change.

/end ranty rant!

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  1. Sorry to hear about the guild drama. Lords know we’ve all seen shit like that and know first-hand how infuriating it is. /Soothe

    CONGRATS on the Shammy getting to 83! I started an alt myself and every level closer to cap is like “YEEEEES!” and you are almost there!!

    1. I have to admit, my favourite is 80- 85…you know how close you are to the end 🙂 ehehe It is also my favourite questing, I think i have done Mount Hyjal every time, and i could do it again…although I hate Deepholm….i really don’t wanna do it again..

  2. Sigh. Guild drama is tough. Trust me, I know.

    But I’ve chosen the easy option which is to throw it in until Mists. I guess it’s because I have so many other things I’d like to do instead of raid.

    But, I stress again, that leaving a guild is no small thing. When the going gets tough… that’s when they need you the most. To be strong.

    You probably said it as a ranty rant anyway! And if I say anything else, people would think I had a conflict of interest /grin

    1. LOL, I may be throwing it in for good actually since it looks like I am adding extra curricular activities to my day I may not have the time or inclination to raid anymore. I am the same though re other things, I could spend all day achievement chasing on my mage and in truth, I will probably end up doing that now.

      I really am over the drama of everything 😀

  3. Sorry to hear your guild raid gave you the tom tits last night, but hopefully, you find solace with us Frosties on Heartfyre.

  4. Grats on the Shaman. On my Pally, I found 84-85 to be b-r-u-t-a-l. It didn’t help that I didn’t seem to have time for dungeon runs and other quick xp options. It would be “here and there.”

    As for the drama, that’s why I think I could never be a hardcore raider. I also have short patience when it comes to certain things like that. Plus, to be honest I wouldn’t want to be that “high strung.” I’m not saying raiders ARE, merely that in that environment I probably would be.

    1. I think 84 – 85 just drags in my mind because you know it is almost over, well that’s how I have felt on my other toons 🙂 I think the “here and there” thing is horrible, it just feels like you are not getting anywhere…every time you log back in the xp is at the same place.

      I know what you mean about the environment of raiding though, and it usually isn’t so bad, but i like raiding – I hate conflict – so when the two converge I just want to throw my pc at something so I can never log in again 🙂 I think LFR sort of handles the two things well – i get to raid (sort of) and I get to ignore the drama llamas.

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