Freaky Stuff!

Ok, I swear you won’t believe me when you read this post, but you can ask Navimie and Mahabo as well!  It happened!!

Signed up for Ahune with the Frosties, and the spare person we got into the run from the random LFD tool, was one of my GM’s from my main guild.

Believe it or not!!!!

I didn’t even notice to be honest, until she messaged me, because I was trying to find buttons on my bars – first time playing my warrior in a few months and since changing my UI – shit was everywhere!  Anyway, I finally lookd up at the party frames and was like WTF!!??  It is the only horde toon she has – what are the chances of that shit happening!

She recognised my toon name from the real id thing 🙂  How freaky is that!!

Hubby is going to bring his druid into the guild as well to hang with me which I am happy about, his druid is already on Dath with me, we thought it wasn’t, so no need to waste money on toon swappings 🙂


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  1. I know that was so freaky right! How funny was that! And firstly I am horribly embarrassed because my tanking was CRAP (“shit was everywhere!”) and the worst thing was the PuG was someone you knew and knew WELL! I think the funny thing was me asking in party about it after the instance was over not realising your GM was still there 🙂
    BTW glad your hubby has his druid there already. When you’re online next see if any of the officers are on (doubt it since Lush and I are the only officers on lately) for an invite.
    You should go buy a lottery ticket 🙂

    1. Sure thing 🙂 We have been on and off most of the day, at the moment, he is working on his pally though when he is not getting work calls. I might try and get him to jump on the druid later for some LFD runs perhaps 🙂 but with being on call, he really needs to be able to just stop playing immediately and have me rescue him.

      LOL don’t be embarrassed you did fine! No one died. I was more concerned about my complete lack of skill, but being best mates they will probably just give me crap when I see them tonight over dinner o.O Shall i pass on your apologies :p

      I like the idea of the lottery ticket..wouldn’t mind 500k right now :p

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