From the bottom of my heart – thank you.

Too often we bemoan people and the game, but today I wanted to thank a couple of people because they have made me complete.  By me, I of course mean my mage, and by extension – my self happiness.

Last night, we wanted to do FL and get some Rag lovin’.  We were short, so we pugged a couple of people, one had a Rag’s lockout. WOOT!

I noticed the two we picked up were actually in on of our servers top guilds – PitchBlack.  I was dreading this as we had not even seen Rags much and I felt bad that one of them was hoping for cinders for his legendary.

Suffice it to say, we did eventually kill Rags.  We killed him dead!  Yes, it was a little behind schedule, I will admit that, but we did it before the xpac, and really that’s what we wanted.

We raided an extra hour to do it, I think everyone could see we were making progress and Bursar and Muttonox were fantastic – I don’t think we wanted to leave when we were co close.

Bursar was leading us and he has one of those voices that just keeps you calm, to me anyway. He was so patient with the less co-ordinated and I did not hear frustration in his voice – whether he was or not – I don’t know.  People kept being hit by the smash and doing, imho, stupid things – but he was just so relaxed about it.

Mutton switched toons to a better geared one to help us out and was also very calm about everything, no raised voices, no anger, just calm and relaxed.

They both had me in stitches all night, Mutton because he kept putting things in quotation marks in chat and my mind would go straight to the gutter 🙂  Bursar would just say funny things.  They were fantastic.

So, I wanted to thank them both for their time and their repair bills for last night, it may not seem much to them, but their help and patience last night meant a huge thing to the guild.

I also want to thank a Rogue called Foreverabeast (not sure on the spelling), but he was with us the night we killed Spine and Madness, he needed a DW kill for his Legendary daggers.  We also pulled him in last night, on our last 3 attempts (I think it was 3), as one of our team had to leave.  He seems to be our good luck charm because he has been with us for our first kills this week, in DS and FL.  He put up with our noobness as well and it was fantastic!

We have had an epic week killing Spine, and Madness and now Rags.  The guild is on a high.


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  1. Great to hear! I like hearing upbeat stories like this.

    I remember when Cool and I first joined this server we signed up a couple of weekend raids with Abyss Glory. Then, when we were trying to build up numbers for own own raids, we had a couple turn up to help out.

    1. I think it is nice to remember people when they are helping out and not just getting angry about the crap people in the game 🙂

      As people, we don’t give credit to the positive experiences as much as we should 🙂

      It’s great to find friends and be able to pay back the help.

  2. I love happy stories, and I’m glad you shared this one Dragonray 🙂 Congrats on your kills and hope there are many more awesome kills and stories to come 🙂

    1. Yeah I do love happy stories and I really had to share this one 🙂 It just meant so much to me! Fingers crossed on a solid team for MoP and some death and mayhem!!

      Now onto more serious issues….I need a chibi…LOL how hard would it be for me to get a hook up :p LOL Actually I may need 2! lol

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