Short again :(

We were short again tonight – about 4 people. So we couldn’t do much of anything really. Our plan was to get rags, at least attempt him a few times.

Instead we went and wiped repeatedly in BWD with alts. I went on my tank, and I just could not survive. I really have to change some stats on my tank because when a less experienced healer attempts to keep me alive, it always ends badly…for me.

LFR is not exactly an easy place to get gear out of as a tank, if you can’t handle the hits, you get booted or abused. I really need to get better gear in all honesty.

Anyway, we did ok until the boss with the vials…what’s his name again? Anyway that was about when we all switched to our mains, excluding a couple of people, and started mashing through stuff. By stuff I mean, one boss 🙂

In truth we all sort of forgot the fight mechanics and just kept stuffing up simple things.

Here’s to hoping we get enough online tomorrow night or a raid!

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