The Art of Learning Machinima

I put the call out a few weeks go on my twitter for someone to contact me if they know how to make machinima…sadly…no one responded to that –  can’t believe no one will own up to making WoW videos!

I have a great idea and it has been bouncing in my heads for weeks.  I really have to get it out, I am going to be learning how to make it come to life…see if I can scrap something together…LOL

If you know anyone who does videos I would love the help and collaboration, since I am absolutely clueless!!

It sounds easy on paper, but then when you see them on youtube etc, I am not entirely sure I have the creativity and patience to pull it off 🙂  Of course, more than likely it will suck balls, but you know at least I can say I tried right????

I already have FRAPS, but I need some other programs…and I need to figure out how to change the words in a song…does that mean I have to actually re-sing or get someone to re-sing it?  eek…see…this is why I am putting it off :p

Every time I log into WoW, it brings the ideas to the forefront of my mind and it has been slowly driving me insane 😀

Wish me luck!!  I am going to need it.

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  1. I’d recommend picking up a copy of “Machinima for Dummies”, which includes an extensive section on WoW Machinima creation.

    Full disclosure – I would say that, because I wrote it. But nonetheless, if you’re looking for advice on Machinima creation, it’s about 250 pages of nothing but that!

    1. I have done like boss kills etc, but I have a sort of comedy thing which is a lot more involved in my head 🙂

      Thanks or the suggestion though. I shall question her

  2. I’m trying too! I got Hugh’s book and I bought Adobe Premier Elements that I use with the Fraps footage but I am really, really a noob. I see others use Sony Vegas but I’ve never tried it. And that’s right Navi make them too.

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