Did you SEE that!?!?!?!?

We did it!!

We fucking did it!

We Fuckadoodleduck DID IT!!!!

So picked up a poor PUG who needed DW for his last legendary thingy, because we were one short and I felt pity for the poor bastard having to spend the night wiping with us.

We one shot Spine, even with me bugging out on the Deck of skyfire because I hit the escape button too early, so I had to re-log and we managed to kick its arse. One SHOT!! No deaths, no fuck ups, just perfect execution like we had been doing it for months.

So we thought, meh..let’s go and give DW  shot…

TWO SHOT!!!  Let me say that again!  TWO SHOT!!

First attempt we got to 10%, the only reason we failed was our tanks died unexpectedly on the last adds…so we re-did it and voila! about 5 people in the team hadn’t done him on 10 man and so were very happy!

Yes we cleared content whilst it was current!

I realise that a 25% buff is not entirely current current, but given we haven’t raided in over a month, we will never know if we could have done it sooner 😀 Either way – we killed the big bloody dragon!

I did this raid cycle as frost, so I can’t wait to see my stats tomorrow 🙂  I was sitting at about 32k DPS by the end of the fight.

The guild is considering doing Rags now, see if we can’t finish that off now as well! We are possibly going to attempt a heroic mod or two next raid cycle.

Mumble was nuts with the excitement! I was sad I didn’t record it to be honest.  Fantastic night!  Not just one but 2 bosses!!!

8 Replies to “Did you SEE that!?!?!?!?”

    1. Yeah I think I have to start thinking like that because they are a fantastic bunch of people!

      Thanks though, it is happy times when killing current bosses!

    1. Yeah, I will if we ever get back there, I changed to frost because I figured we wouldn’t ever raid again in all honesty…lol…and I wanted to test it out for DPS 🙂 I really do just need 2 sets of gear though..

  1. Well GRATS team 🙂

    And by the way – you should get them to try heroic morchok. Easily done … wisp me and i’ll jump on mumble and discuss it with you 🙂

    1. Thanks Koli 🙂 we were pretty stoked! There are a few who are keen to try some heroic modes as well, but will be next week due to lockout.

      I will definitely harass you!

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