Holy Cow…we actually raided last night.

We raided like men gone mad 🙂

Yes I know there is a 25% buff at the moment, but I tell you what it kicked butt 🙂

We started just after 7.40pm, 9 manning with 2 healers.  We figured we had been 9 manning the first 3 bosses well enough for a while we would just continue,, but honestly, we got all the way to Hagara  with one down and we were doing it fast. We wiped once on Zonozz because the tank forgot the fight :0) it was ok though.  At Hagara we had a guildie come in just to add an extra person, we smashed through Ultrax and Warmaster and buy 9:16pm we had cleared up to our usual spot.

We lost a guildie at that point, so were back down to 9, and we gave spine a couple of shots.  Both were a little horrid, but given we haven’t raided in….god knows how long, I said two months, but others said one month…maybe I am just too addicted to the raiding 🙂  Anyway, we are hoping to get everyone online tonight and as I told the guys last night – Madness is not really any harder than in LFR – of course you need more dps (which we have in abundance) but there are no new tricks to learn or anything.

I was frost last night for the first time in a raid….and I was lowest on the DPS most of the night for overall.  Here is our Ultrax fight.  So, Depending on the night for fire it really isn’t that different…LOL…I need to change some stats around on my gear and some enchants but I think I need more haste.  I am at the soft cap of 33.3% for crit so just need to switch some things around a little.

I really do enjoy frost though.  I will leave it a couple more weeks so I get better at playing it before I make a decision to go back to fire.  I was getting a little swamped with everything proccing together and wasn’t sure what to hit and freaking out basically.  I think only time and practice will solve that problem.

Everyone was excited to be raiding again and were saying it as well. The team is a pretty happy bunch when we are kicking butt and playing well. Perhaps our solution is to just take a break every now and again to let people re-coup?

I will be honest, people were just playing better last night – with or without the increase. They were doing what they needed to on time and correctly…except for Zonozz…I just can’t get them to move with the ball bouncing in the ranged group…but when they are on point, we get shit done.  I just wish they could do it all the time 🙂

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    1. I prefer a little more push than our guild, but since we had been short since the end of April, I wasn’t going to complain too much! I was just happy to be in DS again! Hehe

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  1. All I can see on that log is that you have a hunter who hasn’t renamed his pet from the default. Bad hunter! :'(

    Got the opposite reaction… we’re semi-officially “not raiding” so I get to level all of my beautiful alts! Working on my 13th lvl 85 – the last on this server, unless I delete another toon.

    1. LOL…poor hunter hasn’t been raiding with us in months due to school and work, but we begged the other night 🙂 So I can forgive pet not being named :p

      I understand your alt levelling 🙂 It is nice to have the time to do other things in game and not just raiding…i can’t believe you have that many!! I am proud of myself for working in my 5th and 6th – no way I could do one of each class :p…or more…lol

      1. Uh… one of each class… f’sho… >.<

        (I actually have 3 pallies at 85, deleted my 85 mage, and never managed to level a 'lock completely)

        1. I can’t do locks or rogues 🙂 so far! I could probably level another Mage…or Druid maybe….but 3 pallies?? Overkill much….?? What do you have three for?

      2. There are three specs, aren’t there? 😀

        (long emo story: my prot pally was my main at a previous guild. when said guild and i had a falling out, i didn’t play that toon any more for months… but i still loved playing pink dots, so i started a new one and levelled him as ret, discovering the joys of palaheals at 85. then i maxed my sole alliance toon – my first ever toon, a dwarf warrior – and decided i disliked playing warrior, so i deleted him and rolled a human pally. who hit 85 about a month back.)

        1. Don’t laugh I knew a guy who had three pallies because there were six specs in total if you include PVP and PVE specs….nuts I reckon, but he didn’t want o keep respeccing!

          I am sorry about your emo story :p

      3. No jokes… pally v2 (name of Infaris) actually had a PvP-ret and a straight ret spec for a while, and I’m considering switching his holy spec to holy-PvP. WTB triple spec…

        Respeccing constantly wouldn’t be a problem if we could save spec templates, but as it is where you have to redo all of your talents… well… no. Can’t imagine the mess in Wrath, with its 70-odd point talent trees. Something to look forward to with the simplified talents in Mists, maybe?

        1. I hadn’t really thought about how much easier talents will be from that perspective, but then I don’t really change specs all that much, the joys of being a DPS class I suppose 🙂 lol

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