Stupid = Stupid :)

Yup, another grand ole post about my inability to use the soft grey matter embedded in some cavity on the top of my body.

I am sooo close on my three toons to getting a mount each from the darkmoon faire, my mage being only 9 tickets off now, my druid is about 15 off and my pally about 60 off (so admittedly not that close).

However, I did all my darkmoon faire stuff on my three toons when it came out so I could bump them up another notch.  Then realised the next day, stupidly…that the dailies award a prize ticket as well….DUH!!!  Really?!!?  I have spent months just doing the main quests and never going back for the dailies and wondering why I was so far behind on the pets and mounts…..but somewhere in my head I knew they gave tickets…i just…forgot it temporarily?

Brain failure!

What I find so funny though,  is my fantastic plan to actually level my druid professions to the magical 75 mark for fishing, cooking and first aid so i could do the profession quests…after how many months of the DMF?? She was the only toon I didn’t have them even started on.  I do, however, refuse to do archaeology on any other toons…it was hard enough on my mage!!

So after feeling like a complete nuffy for a) not utilizing the professions quests, I was b) not even doing the dailies for 7 days to get the most tokens…I am now – hopefully on track for getting my mounts and pets next month on my toons.

Yes…hail me, for I am the leader of nuffyland!!

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  1. I’m glad to know I’m not alone. Somewhere along the way I kind of forgot to do the dailies, would go the first day do the profession quests and that’d be it. Just recently realized I was forgetting them. I think it’s cause I got my monkey, kind of went to my head in a bad way, lol.

    1. You know…i think it might be the monkey – I did the same thing…got my monkey and then forgot about them.. perhaps it uses some form of mind control or subliminal messaging :p heeheheh

      I should be getting my dancing bear tonight if all goes to plan!! YAY 🙂

  2. That archaeology monthly is painful anyway. Collect up fragments from X site type? Thanks, but no thanks.

    DMF has been the best thing ever for levelling things like Leatherworking and Engineering… you know, the profs that require a pretty hefty outlay to get the points rolling. Especially for the last few points of LW, where you can either spend 2k gold on heavy savage leather or wait for the month-end and do DMF.

    1. Oh god yes! The only reason my pally finally got her enchanting capped was the faire 🙂 well it got her close enough to make the last rod for the cap. I think it was a fantastic idea to help promote the professions!

      I completely agree with the archaeology quest…I have been lucky so far on my Mage I always just seem to have enough sitting there. I really want the mounts and so every couple of days I spend some time boring myself to tears! Lol

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      1. The arch quest is probably intended to just use up fragments that you’ve got on hand from levelling in the wild. Issue is when you don’t have any due to RNG or insufficient commitment to actually levelling out in the wild, and you don’t have any sites of the specific type available. At that point you may as well be levelling manually.

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