LFR lols old post I forgot to publish :)

Every week without fail I run LFR on my Druid for the VP and gear. I despise it, but until I get to 385 Ilevel I can’t really get into a PUG!

Today had me amazed though. We wiped on Ultraxion trash, then we wiped on Ultraxion because apparently only 3 people were doing above 20k DPS. If you switched it to current fight though, there was 8 people doing 20k. It never helps when people start fights early though, half the raid was at the wrong end of the platform and so it was all a mess anyway to start with.

Anyway, when we got back in and re-did, loot drops and then everyone was needing on everything, so then huge arguments started about people taking loot when they didn’t need it, someone had a 403 chest and they took the LFR token.

What amuses me, is that people complain bout the DPS, yet it is almost impossible to get gear to improve their DPS. Anyway we then wiped on warmaster and I decided to leave.

I jumped into another LFR, I came into a wipefest and got worried, but we killed warmaster and then more crying about loot, we killed spine easily enough and then wiped 4 times on madness because people kept starting before we had a full group. On the fifth start- we had three healers and they started it. I dropped and decided to give up on LFR for the week, I got most of it done and I don’t need a weapon, the extra VP would have been nice though.

I am moderately geared on my druid, and I can’t really do much better DPS than what I am doing. So I am trying to get my VP up so I can buy more gear, but I would really like one more their piece for the four set bonus. Hopefully next week 🙂

I do giggle every time people whine about loot whores, there is nothing you can do, and I do wonder how the new changes are going to alter the aggression in MoP.

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  1. Sometimes people “ninja” the tokens to give them to players that are “worth it” in their eyes (I’ve had this happen a couple of times). I also love all the whining that ensues, à la “plz i rly need it can u give it to me”. Good luck with gearing up your druid, and I’m curious about the changes that are coming, as well.

    1. I have to admit, I did that once with some guildies. 5 of us went in – 4 were able to roll on the same token, we got a guildie geared up with 5 tier pieces in one run, we had pure luck that night!

      I felt guilty, but in the end figured that everyone else does it why can’t we? It isn’t like we did it again 🙂

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