This is why i don’t PUG

and it is why i join guilds for raiding – expecting to see content.

I went on a DS 10 man PUG this morning, as in, I started at 11.30 or so?  It is now, 4.20pm and we are still trying to kill Hagara.  Admittedly at 2.20 we had a 50 minute break until about 3.15pm.  Hagara down at 4.30pm.  We are now waiting to do Ultraxion trash, I will be leaving after we do Ultrax as there is no way this group can do Warmaster.

Now, don’t get m wrong, they were a very very nice bunch of people, but i spent over 300g in repairs and I got nothing out of it except annoyance.  Most people would ask why i hung around, and i still have no die, I kept hoping we would get better…..that it was just the first boss, then well it was a fuck up on the send…you know…I just kept hoping…

Now, the tank has left because of lag and we need to find another person to replace him, this has happened on every single fucking boss. We lose someone after each wipe, so then we spend 20 minute looking for another person and I tell you now…..I AM OVER IT!

I should have left after the first wipe, but two healing zonozz with 2 shammies isn’t the best idea…no matter how good they appear to be.

We wiped on Ultrax trash, then had to wipe on Ultrax because someone left and we couldn’t summon the replacement in the shadow realm, then they called it because another person had to leave.  5pm.

Seriously?!?!?!?!?  Aside from the one Ulduar run I did a few months ago to get my mount – that is the calibre of the PUGS I am always in.  whY!?!?!!?!??!

Why do people say they know the fights in LFR when they can’t avoid the fucking ice crystals on hagara, or that PURPLE IS THE FIRST COLOUR, or that you have to jump into the red crystals (ok bad example there) – clearly YOU DONT KNOW THE FIGHT?!?!!?!?

I am annoyed with myself more than anything for wasting an entire day only clearing 4 bosses…Oh god…I hate my WoW life.  I was top DPS all day though by a fair bit..a hunter was close to me most of he time, about 5k difference.

This was spurred on by the LFR I joined before the DS pug, as healer, they had no tanks so i offered to switch then as I was doing so a bear ran into the mobs and grabbed 2 groups of slimes…..I dumped that one straight away.  Why did I not do the same thing when everyone else “Dc’D” to get out of the run after one wipe!!!

I hate pugs.  I hate everything.  I hate hate hate people who can’t admit they don’t know what they are doing, and I HATE IT when people just keep being dumbarses!

/end rant


/start sobbing hysterically.

All I wanted was to kill Deathwing on 10 man to complete my achievement.  That’s all.  Maybe I should pay a guild for a run???  That’s not a bad idea.

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    1. Can’t help with DS anyway with Real ID can we? All i want to do is kill Deathwing on 10 man!! THAT’s ALL!! I am going to have to buy my spot in a guild run I think with some uber guild on Aman’Thul….

      I do have to find some cross realm raids to do…I think it would be nice to make some new friends in game 😀

  1. I don’t know if anyone’s told you in the meantime, but you don’t need to summon people into the twilight realm on Ultrax anymore. He automatically pulls everyone in as soon as the fight starts.

    You’d think the glowing spirally lines would make the crystals pretty obvious, but noooo…

    1. I hadn’t noticed, but then I don’t normally need to 🙂 I mean we don’t wipe on the trash all hat much 🙂 hehehe

      I have to laugh. Because it seems like there is a lot of stuff that seems obvious to most of us 🙂 heheh

      1. If you do have a ‘lock to summon, though, you can play our guild’s favourite game… Wyrmrest Base Jumping! Get the lock to summon their Hell TV, summon each other with it, go jump off the temple and see how close you can get to the ground before you accept the summon. Bonus points for the RL booting people as they jump so they can’t accept. >:D

        Can also be played – once – when guild-summoning replacement goldfish.

        1. That is a fantastic game! Lol I know soon many people who would hit the ground and then blame lag!!!! But it would be hell funny!

  2. Some of the guildies still remember their “ohgodfalling” buttons from back in Wrath, when there was an ele shaman who would challenge people to duels. On top of the Temple of Storms. I wasn’t around then, but apparently he got a surprising amount of action.

      1. What, you didn’t handle landmines on Ragnaros? 😛

        Aside from trash in Stonecore and Throne, Levitate’s been pretty lonely on my bars. Oh, and making everyone into double-awesome flappy demons at the end of WoE.

        1. I blinked out of them – no need for slow fall. We only worked on rags for about 3 weeks though because DS came out 🙁

          Who needs levitate when you have leap of faith!!!

      2. Ah, okay… knew there was some reason we used mages.

        Finest moments in Cata: LoFing people who stood in the flame gouts on Rag’s Magmaw trash. 😀 Only worked once every couple of times thanks to that side-draft that sometimes pushed people out into the middle of nowhere, but when it did it was beautiful.

        1. We ran with two priests who would stand at the top of the lift in BWD and pull you back as the lift descended. One after the other! Cheeky buggers!

      3. Yours were still nice. Ours would stand at the edge of the elevator and grip people in as they were running. One trip over the edge unless you had PvP reaction times.

        I played a paladin at that point. Bubble win. Good times.

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