I spanked Diablo

I have never ever managed to actually get to a Diablo fight, so when I say I am excited, multiply it by about 1500 ūüėÄ

I am still home today, as hubby has been sick with a flu and is coughing like a madman, this has meant over the last 4 days I have managed about 4 hours sleep a night, I am running on empty.¬† Anyway, I got even less sleep last night, maybe 2 hours, and I am not fit to drive into work – it’s¬†a 2 hour drive.¬† I am a danger!

So I decided since¬†I can’t sleep I may as well try and kill Diablo,¬† I haven’t been back in the game since I attempted him the other night.

And voila!  A dead Diablo!!

I am quite proud of myself that my reflexes were good enough to actually do it, I thought I would be doing this for a while given how tired I am.

As usual¬†another spectacular cinematic – I am going to rewatch this one another 100 times no doubt, but they have all been so spectacular.¬† I would love Blizzard to do¬†an animated movie…WoW related of course because their cinematics are¬†always so amazing!!¬† The Lich King – need I say more?!?!?

So after¬†the wonderful death of Diablo I got my very own congrats screen ūüôā¬† I¬†yelped in excitement!¬†¬† I killed Diablo!!¬† I killed Diablo!!¬† Makes me want to go back and kill him in the other ones now…I have done it once, I can do it again with crappier graphics right??

I am not sure if I am going to do nightmare mode, the thought of clearing all those maps again makes me sag in disappointment.  But maybe it can be a side project or something.  I would honestly prefer to play WoW given how much I want to get done before MoP comes out with rep grinding, levelling alts and soting out the professions on my toons РI want to get first aid up on my druid, and cooking/fishin Рbecause if i change my main to her come MoP she needs to be able to hold her own and do dialies etc.

Anyway, woot!!  I could always do co-op through nightmare difficulty perhaps?

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