It’s another Diablo post :)

It’s my first Diablo post, but there are plenty of them by other people.

My hubby gave me a serve because I started a Wizard 🙂 says I should have tried something other than a Mage like class 🙂 lol. What can I say – I love Mage type classes with spells and magic 🙂

I am level 25 and have just started Act 3. The boss of act 2 was hard, took me 3 attempts but it was nice to be challenged, although I was swearing at the pc a fair bit 🙂

I am loving the graphics, and the spells. I feel a bit nooby though as I am wearing a mish mosh of clothes and I can’t quite figure out what kind of clothes I am supposed to wear…I just need to do some reading instead of being lazy! I absolutely love being able to dye my clothes – everything is blue with green shoulders.

I do want to try a demon hunter and a monk, so they will be next on my lists once I get a bit further through on my wizard.

I tried a co-op game and would assume it is much better if you are with friends. The person I was with just ran off, didn’t help with mobs or even talk. I couldn’t figure out how to leave the party though, so I logged out, which I am sure there has to be a better way?

I am sure there is a better way to leave the group, however i have further evidence of my stupidity -I didn’t realise the portal you cast takes you back to the exact spot you left. I was using it to get to town, then using the waypoints and running forever to get back to where I was….pathetic, I know! I spent so much wasted time running around like an idiot!!

I also have lost some achievements, which annoys me, I have to log a report or ticker or thingie for it so I can get them back.

Overall, I am quite impressed with it, and since we are not raiding it is giving me something to do 🙂 still looking for a guild, and still struggling due to my hours, I may just have to give up on raiding and be happy with LFR for the future, as most guilds that sound like my sort of place don’t raid at times I can fit in with. I am a little sad about it, but I am hopeful that something will come up soon. You know, destiny and all that! Heheh

Hope you are all enjoying Diablo as well!


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