Shared Topic: Windows to the world has once again come up with a right cracker for a shared topic.  I cannot help but love looking at other people’s UI’s. They have such wonderful designs and mods and it makes me want all the modz!

I have not had a standard UI since Vanilla when I saw a post on our guild forums and asked how to change mine. I was in heaven from there and I have had some very very out there creations.  IN fact, I am pretty sure I have an old post somewhere in the archives about all my different UI’s over the years….hrmm….ah ha!  Here it is 

After a break from the game I generally don’t touch my UI for about 3 months, and then it is all hell for leather and I will change things on a whim.  I spent all of Sunday re-doing my UI as I was having massive trouble when raiding with being able to place spells down – like flame strike etc.  I had so much in the way and in the middle of my screen it was so annoying.  Not only that,  I had timers, and markers and reminders all over the screen – It was HORRIFIC!!!

So, now I have organised most of it, I have done some LFR’s as well to fix a few more issues, and I still need to fix my DBM timers a little bit.  I also have an issue with my chat mod and my objective moving mod.  So I will have to find replacements for them soon. So here are my current screenies of my spanking semi finished UI.  Also, just remembered I have to get tiptop for my info boxes etc, as they are in the wrong spot now 🙂  All in good time though!

All by myself

I am also in the process of adding backgrounds to the kgpanels as they look a little bleugh when I am not in a raid or doing things.  So to explain a little more, the box to the left of my frame has my focus and pet frames with cast bars next to them.  My pet bar is also in the top of that black box.

My target appears next to my frame and the cast bars for me and my target are in the small black box below the party frame.  The frame to the right of the target is for the boss health bars- you know how some show up with 3 or 4 bars – that is where they appear now so I can find them when needed!  I do not have grid showing (top left hand corner) if I am in a 5 man.

My Ui is loosely based on Mayron’s UI, however I really wanted a UI that I could use for all my toons that didn’t need to be changed around based on what role I was fulfilling. So I started from scratch and tweaked what i wanted etc.

So the list of mods I use :

DMB – Deadly Boss Mods



Dominoes – Action bars

Button facade


Phanxchat – to be changed unless I can figure out the bug


ShadowUF – Unit frames


SLData text





Miki’s Scrolling Battle text

Bison – Buffbars

Quartz – cast bar and dot timers

I think that is all…..I don’t think I have left anything out, but apologies if I have 😀

4 Replies to “Shared Topic: Windows to the world”

    1. Considering your UI, I am impressed you like it! I don’t think it is a lot of mods, but then I have no idea what a lot is anymore 🙂

  1. I like the organization of the non-combat buttons having a home all in the same place. Its nice to have things grouped by function like that.

    You are using a lot of the same mods I am, but your locations are a bit more spread out. I used to try to use the whole screen, but I noticed I was missing stuff happening, and sometimes moving my mouse took to long, so I tried to scale back.

    Thanks for sharing! 🙂

    1. I like using as much screen as ai can, simply because there is so much of it 🙂 However I really only have the important stuff right near the can the area.

      The other bars on either side are the extra crap that doesn’t get used during boss fights anyway…most of them anyway.

      I consider myself a hybrid, button and clicker person, my rotations are done by buttons and other stuff is my clicking…it works for me though 🙂

      I do like the transparency you have when you are just hanging out in the city doing nothing, i might have to steal that :p

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