Once again no raid :(

We didn’t raid again tonight due to lack of numbers and to make matters worse we had someone leave who was a raiding member. So, even less likely of a raid group on Thursday now.

So I have been trolling the forums and wow progress and I am seriously disappointed! I can’t find a horde 25 man guild on a PVE server that raids from 7:30 until about 10:30.

Yeah, when I read that back it sounds like I am being far too picky, but I don’t really think I am, however I am not looking at guilds that have 8/8 H as yet simply because I don’t want to be in a hardcore kind of guild. Yeah I am just digging my grave deeper aren’t I? Lol

Ahh well, I will keep looking over the next few days and I may have to look at alliance guilds as well if I can’t find anything. I might start toons on servers and check out trade for guild postings in case that is the only avenue people are using. So much to do!

Onto some funny stuff – aside from being dumb about tier pieces, I also missed out on two companions because I forgot about the orphan quests in Dalaran and Shatt. The worst part? The quests stopped being available at 6pm – when I was online waiting for raid- and I didn’t remember about the quests until about 8pm. I was kicking myself pretty much all night!

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    1. AEST, which I am going to try and figure out which US times that would suit and see if I can’t a raid team on US soil that would fit.

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