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I am just on the cusp with this one as I have spent all week trying to upload some very short videos to youtube with no success.  It takes them all night to upload to 3% and it is driving me mental!

Instead you are now going to get pictures of said things I have found amusing or interesting and will just have to imagine them!

So I have thrown them all behind a cut for you as it is rather image intense 🙂

My favourite would have to be the swimming demon I found in felwood – I took video, but here is a photo.  He was just pathing back and forth in the water and I was captivated by why he would be in there?  Was he exercising to keep his big demon muscles in perfect shape, was he having a shower, was I witnessing something that demons don’t ever like us to see??

He actually does swim in that pool of water

Another one I am intrigued about is this buoy in the water at Ramhaken.  I have no idea what the purpose is, the cave is directly underneath it, so I am guessing perhaps it is a marker for the evil rituals going on down there, but wouldn’t have something a little less cute if you are a demon summoning evil ritualist??  I don’t remember a quest associated with it, i giggled anyway 🙂

Kind of creepy anyway really?

I also took a short video of the following area, I later discovered it was a monster at the top who needed to be stopped for a quest, but I was having so much fun with the balls of electricity he was throwing out and the knock back it took me a while to actually get to the quest to kill him 🙂 I seriously think I spent about 10-15 minutes just being thrown around…yes…I am that easily amused some times 🙂

Whats’ this ball?



This one had me laughing just yesterday so I thought I would add it in as a late entry, whilst doing the orphan quests for Children’s week, you have to ride on a bike which takes you around westfall, in the middle is great big tornado.  The orphan wants to go closer…so inevitably you get picked up and whirled around quite quickly, what had me laughing was his comments whilst we were being caught in a tornado of “My tummy doesn’t feel so good!” and “my head hurts”!  REALLY!!??  no shite sherlock, but you wanted to get closer.  Oh it may have been an evil giggle, but it was a giggle non the less.

Do you really need to wonder why your tummy is sore?

That’s all I can remember at the moment, but it just goes to show you that there are some things in game when you look out for them, that can get a giggle out of me 🙂


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