Long, Strange, Trip



I got me a Violet Drake!

I only had one more day to get it and I did not want to miss out this year 🙂  I always fail because of the PVP achievements you need for Children’s week, not being a big PVPer, I have no res gear and no PVP skills 🙂  I was getting really annoyed after constant failure that I was crying in guild chat.  A guildie offered to help me out and as you can see from the above – we were successful!

4/4 matches as well, got to every single one of them.  WSG was a worry as not one horde person came to get our flag until about 1 minute left on the game so we smashed him and got my last one.  I also got the damage control achievement in AB for doing 300k damage in one match.  I never thought I would see that achievement, so I was a little chuffed with myself – seriously, I normally spend an entire game dead or ressing – so to get any damage was pretty impressive for me!

The Violet put me at 99 mounts, so I logged off to check the armoury and see what I was missing for the last one to get to 100, and discovered that I hadn’t bought all the nether wing drakes, I was missing two of them 🙂  So Bam!  Another achievement today as well 🙂  4 new mounts in total, and a new title and lots of achievements!  Was so much fun.

I then decided to take my poor unloved druid to LFR and won a necklace on her- YAY, and I also discovered that I bought a wrong tier piece as the 2 set bonus isn’t working because I have one boomy and one resto piece – yes I feel like a right royal twat and am so embarrassed about it 🙂  So I have to fix that ASAP!!  My poor baby girl.



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  1. Hey Congrats on the mounts and achievements!
    Don’t worry about the tier hiccup, we’ve all done something silly like that before. 🙂

    1. Thanks it was a pretty good night 🙂 I miss playing wow just for the fun stuff, I need to get my hubby back into it again!

      I just couldn’t work out why the set bonus wasn’t activating – i took them off, reloaded, exited game hehe, then I read the bonus and noticed they were different….

    1. Thanks 🙂 My druid is the first toon I have had tier for that has similar specs, mages have one set of gear, my pally has three distinct sets so I always just bought the stats match – boomy and resto are so similar I just flaked out.

      It’s a good way to start building that second set though isn’t it? ehhehe

  2. Grats grats grats!!

    The PvP objectives are what held (hold) me back as well, I’m just no good at it D: Have fun with your fabulous new mount(s)!!

    1. All I can suggest is find a friend or to who can go with you and protect you whilst you grab flags. I tried for hours by myself, and found i really hard, but once a friend is in there running shield for you, it is awesome – find someone that has a lot of CC 🙂

      In AB,I was like .2 of a second off finishing the castor the flag capture and tho big hefty tauran with a massive axe was running at me, and my friend managed to catch him just as he was about to hit me, it would have been comical if it was real life.

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