Hard to move on…

Last night, a person came back into the game that I promised myself I would never ever be in the same guild as again.

There had been mention on the guild forums of a possible return and I had already started dreading the day he would log back on.  He was a quarter of a group that I despise more than words can readily express.

I have already notified my GM that I will not be staying in the guild as long as he is active, but I will continue raiding with them if need be, but I cannot stay there with this person and everyone treating him as a long lost friend when he and the others destroyed me and my love for my guild and WoW.

I have not yet removed my toons from the guild as I wanted to just have a day to think it over, and although I am not angry or upset about it anymore, I made a promise to myself and I will stick with it because I don’t need to be reminded every time I log into the game of what happened back then.

At the end of the month when Blizzard takes my 15 bucks I will be happier knowing I am not putting up with shite just because I feel I need to.

Last night I was considering just seeing how active he was before leaving, but in the end that feels like I am just letting it go and that I don’t have an issue with it – which isn’t the case.  My grudges last a lifetime.

So, I need to start the hunt for a new guild….

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  1. It’s hard when you’re in a Guild where you don’t get along with everyone, have a personality clash or are in a situation that you’ve described. It can really suck the joy out of the game. It was most apparent for us being in such a small guild.

    Hope it works out for you, wherever you end up doing.

    1. Agreed Cymre, a small guild is what we have had for about the last 3 years, so when there is friction it just seems so much worse.

  2. would love to know who this was.. i cant think of the person that made it so bad for you.. well i have one in mind and he was a dick.. so maybe its him :P..

    hope youre ok Mel say hi to Drew for me too…

    Bazza (Dreddly)

    1. Hey Bazza!! I love how you put your toon name in brackets like I don’t know who you are :p hehehe It was a healer if it clarifies it for you :p LOL

      I shall say hello to the man for you. How is everything going?

  3. Good luck in your search for a new home. I know that feeling you have to leave because of the return of someone nasty can be a painful/unpleasant experience so I hope you find somewhere perfect quickly.

    1. Thanks Erinys! It is not nice like you say, and I would prefer to remove myself from the area than cause tension with everyone :). Here’s to hoping a new home is around the corner.

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