Crappy night

We tried to re-clear DS last night, I say tried as we managed to kill 2 bosses.  Morchok and Yorsahj.

I was tanking – so I could attempt to get gear given we are now seeming to use me as tank, and although we didn’t wipe on Morchok it was damn close.  I kept running out of cooldowns to pop to keep me alive and in the end I was healing myself almost more than I was tanking.  I guess that’s the joy of having so much threat now after a certain period you never rally need to actually hit the mobs anymore.

We wiped 3 times on Zonozz, the timers for Psyhic drain were off, so I was hitting my cooldown when they had like 2 seconds to go, then it would go off about 15 seconds after the timer….or it would go off when the timer was saying it had 10 seconds to go.  I was managing to stay alive mostly, however we were losing people early.

We also had someone else bouncing the ball, who had never done it before, and it was sort of happening…a little more practice for him and i think it will be fine.  After the third wipe we decided to Yorsahj.

To be fair, most of us were also having weird lag issues, I hit a few of my spells and would have to wait 3-4 seconds for it to happen.  Pulling Zonozz I hit avengers shield and nothing happened so I stopped running as I wasn’t sure I had actually hit it, the all of a sudden it was on.

Perhaps patch related? I don’t know – I should probably look into it.

I have barely been playing this last week, I have just been too tired in all honesty. I have been falling asleep on the couch after dinner at about 8pm.  Not entirely sure why I am so tired, but I hope it passes soon 🙂

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