Tanking,raiding and wiping; Oh MY!

So, one of our best geared players has decided to no longer raid due to loot issues. This person just happened to be our MT.

I had hoped the GM would talk to him and perhaps convince him to come back, but that doesn’t seem to be the case, so last night I was advised I was going to be tanking. I have spoken a few times about changing my main to my tank, however I didn’t really want to do it this late in an expansion when my gear is sorely lacking behind the others.

It is also annoying given the recent uproar about people changing mains, and whilst I don’t consider this changing my main – I don’t think it is entirely fair. The irony being, if someone had changed their main to help alleviate the token/gear issue, this person would not have left and taken a very well geared tank out of the roster – 3 people offered to change and were all told to wait until we had cleared DS. Now we are put at a disadvantage because no loot rules means no even distribution.

I could rant about this for pages and pages, but in the end – it isn’t my guild to change. Shame I ever gave up GMship – I really should have just booted the mutineers. Hindsight is a wonderful thing.

So, before raid last night, I grabbed a new VP necklace and noticed I had not enchanted any of my gear, I quickly flew around to the various quartermasters grabbing armours/lodestones and begging the hubby for enchantments.

We started at Warmaster – 3rd attempt (I think it was third) and we killed him. It was a little mental at the end, with both the healers dying at about 1% but we got him. We had two DPS who had only done LFR and me who had never tanked it trying to work it all out. So I think 3 attempts is pretty awesome 🙂 I fucked up once when I stood in small purple, then big purple and then melee swing by the dude and insta death. But I just didn’t see the small purple at the time I think I may have been throwing a heal or hand on someone….

Then we spent the next 1.5 hours wiping on Spine. We kept losing people to the Fiery grip – we added a 3rd healer which was a godsend and since I don’t have a DPS spec we 2 tanked it, we did try a few attempts with 1 tank but I seem to take too much damage for the healers.

Anyway, we called it early as there was no point in continuing when we clearly just couldn’t get past the first section without a death or two. Some of the attempts we did better and would almost get the tendon down first time, but most of the time it was just off the mark…like 4 seconds would have done it.

We will be going back in there tonight and I don’t know if I am going on my mage or my pally as we don’t really need a second tank, however it wil basically depend on who shows up to raid.

We have a couple of new people in the guild, which has been fantatsic as it is filling up those DPS slots quite nicely. Not enough just yet for people to have nights off, if everyone was online on time it might be, but as it is people turn up an hour into the raid which doesn’t give us any options.

Anyway, I just want to see DW dead. Soon!

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