Heirlooms are the shizz!

I am going to put it out there right now, if you are trying to level alts and you haven’t got them kitted out with full heirlooms, you are nuts!!

I am luckily in a 25 level guild so I get the perks as well, added to the 4 pieces of heirloom gear whih provide XP bonuses and  the levelling is insanely fast!

I have been playing my priest today I logged on at about 10.30am at level 51 and I am over halfway to 56 at 2.40pm.

I would be going faster except I am levelling at work and have phones to answer, however this is awesome!  I would love to be running dungeons as I think that would slaughter my xp as well, I may try and do a run shortly and see if i get interrupted :0) I don’t want to take the risk that someone comes into the actual shop for help.

The point is – get yourself the heirlooms! Use your darkmoon faire or justice points or gold or whatever you can and wear them!

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