Shared Topic : Making our own hardmodes.

Another week, another shared topic 🙂  This weekStringtheory of asks

I’ve seen a lot of challenges making the rounds lately, from the more traditional ‘you die, you’re out’ to the more complex ‘no spending money on anything’. Leveling only through crafting looks fun, leveling without any gear looks impossible, and making a bazillion gold on the auction house is something I really need to try someday. *ponders*

Anywho, why do you think these sorts of bring-your-own-hardmode are becoming more popular? Is it because the normal game as gotten too easy? Or repetitive? Or that it’s not challenging in the right sort of ways? Could Blizzard incorporate any of these methods of madness into the game itself or it there an inherent appeal to ‘house rules’ versions of the game?

Thinky thoughts, I am thinking them… *solemn nod*

Oh, and if you are participating in (or have already won) any of these events say so! Link ’em so the rest of us can cheer you on! :D

This post got long and rambly, but I enjoyed writing it 🙂

Anyone that has read my blog for more then a few days, knows I am only ever so slightly obssessed with this game.  I love it and I love the high fantasy of magic and dragons.  I have been playing since Vanilla, my mage was created in mid 2005…so after 7 years playing this game, every expansion and with only 2 major breaks of approx 6 months due to RL financial issues, I can honestly say with hand on heart I am still not bored with it or with the repetitive nature of it.
I am finding it more comfortable the longer I play because I know it so well now, however, I believe they have made it very easy for people.  “Too easy” – I don’t know, but certainly much easier and perhaps that has taken away some of the excitement for people.
To be honest the one thing that irks me beyond everyting else, is the glowing around farming nodes.  I don’t mind it on quest items – some of them were hard to distinguish…SOME!!  But if you need to have herbs and nodes glowing – you need to be playing super mario kart or something…o.O that was harsh!  A great big honking mine is pretty hard to miss anyway, but if you hover with your mouse amazingly the icon changes 🙂
Anyway I digress.
I think some people need extra challenges in their game play to enjoy it, which is great that people are thinking up these hardmodes.  My history though is a little boring, it is only since Wrath that I even had serious alts I was trying to level.  I was solely focused on my mage prior to that.  I spent hours farming reps, chasing pets, running dungeons, hitting darget tummys – all in the name of having the perfect raiding toon.  In Wrath I decided I was sick of not having another toon to run raids on, and I was jealous of guildies that had one of every class because they didn’t spend any time on their main getting it perfect, I figured why should I?
The above scenario meant that levelling alts and seeing other classes has made the game pretty new to me again.  I am doing questlines and dungeons from other perspectives – but only for a very short time compared to others who may be getting bored with the game.  I can see why people want new challenges – it does keep things fresh and fun and it gives you something else to do on the side that isn’t as dull as just questing.
I may be slightly ageist here as well, however wow is a part of my life because I am past the age of going out clubbing and partying, my friends are mostly older with kids and so I am home a fair bit anyway.  Challenges would be cool to get into, if I had the courage to do some of them, I certainly have the time – mostly.
Ironman challenge – amazing challenge- I would never make it past level 10 given I always die to something. Every single time.  I might try it still, just after i get my current toons to 85!
The 2012 challenge – with the doing 2012 levels sounds intriguing, but the thought of having to have 2 of each toon just drives me to insanity – having one of each is bad enough 😀 although still a very cool idea.
Thee levelling to 60 withouth heirlooms etc with the CtR podcast crew I didn’t even get close to finishing, I started with good intentions and then stopped at about level 12 as I just have other things I want to focus on 🙂
They are the only challenges I have heard of?  Who is doing others?  What’s happening in the world?

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  1. I have had an itch to do the Ironman since Psynister, Vrykerion, Tome of the Ancient, etc. wrote about it last summer, but I’m not entirely happy with the rules, because I don’t think they quite adequately address the ‘the game is too easy’ issues that WoW has right now. It’s certainly a brutal challenge, though!

    The only thing that I’m doing that’s along these lines at the moment is extreme soloing with my hunter. I’m casually working on Naxxramas-10, which is a fun test of skills: using your toolbox, exercising your reflexes, working your strategy. That’s the ‘hard-mode’ fun I’m having in game right now, if that even qualifies! 🙂

    1. If I ever get my hunter to max, I will be trying the soloing thing as well, although I fear I am not very good at fast response times 🙂

      What’s your ultimate solo boss? The one you are aiming for – if any?

      1. That, my friend, is a good question!

        I’m not a top-end solo player, so my goals are modest. I’d like to solo Sartharion, the rest of Naxx (although I’m not sure 4 Horsemen is doable for me – I don’t think I’m coordinated enough), and then go from there. Ignis is supposed to be fairly easy, and I’d like to try Saurfang – that looks like a fun fight. But for now, I have an ulterior motive (Crypstalker set), so the Tier 7 stuff is what’s on my radar now.

        Ultimate solo boss? I don’t know that I have one. Progression is my main goal. If I’ve defeated a bottleneck boss, it’s a good feeling; I feel that right now, my soloing ‘career’ is in its toddler stage, so there is much room for growth.

        The Lich King is arguably the Daddy of solo bosses right now, but I won’t be attempting him for a while. 🙂

        1. The lich king?!? Hehe that would be the daddy, but how in he k do you deal with the valkerys… It would be very cool to solo him 🙂

          The 4 horseman would be difficult as well, but I guess at least you have a pet you can switch targets with so it wouldn’t be too horrific:)

          Good luck on getting the tier pieces!! I hope you don’t have to do it too many times!

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  2. I’m having too much fun trying to learn the Priest-Priest combo, but I was planning on using the Druid-Druid combo to solo dungeons (or the Hunter-Hunter one). If figure if I ever win the lottery and can get five accounts I’ll be set! 😉

    The Leveling via Dailies does look like fun, since I’m planning on starting up a bank alt (and eventually a vanity guild) on Shandris. I wonder how high I can get doing nothing but fishing and cooking. *ponders*

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