Loot drama and not enough people again

I know – everyone is saying it – we are apparently getting to the end of an expansion…I say apparently as I don’t have a release date for MoP yet – do you??!@?!  And if it is released in November – is that close?  Nope, is that end worthy?!!?  I don’t think so.


Why is it so hard for 10 people to be online at the same time so we can raid?!

This post is a little ranty – feel free to skip over it 🙂

Last night we had 9 again – we had to re-clear DS and we wiped on trash to Ultrax at which point I called the raid based on sick people.

Apparently someone promised they would be online to attend raid – the GM asked him point blank if he could be online – and guess what no SHOW!  What annoys me, is a few weeks ago, this person came to me basically begging for a raid spot.  He stopped raiding a while ago as he was always sat out – since I wasn’t here I took him at his word, confirmed with him his availablity and dedication to the team, stuck my neck out with the GM and got him a raid spot.  The first 2 weeks he was online every raid night – he didn’t get dropped once.  Then suddenly he just stopped being on his guilded raiding toon.  Excuse me?!?!?

Why?!  Why bother? Lesson number 1 – people suck until proven otherwise. :p

The second lesson I have learnt this week is that I will never ever be in another guild that does not have some sort of loot system other than the need or greed.  I am the worst geared toon in the raiding team – in fact – there are alts that have higher gear scores than myself.  I pass on caster loot for other people not winning tier pieces etc.  However this week has just been loot drama after loot drama and I am really not able to do anything about it.

It isn’t my guild to make changes (dare I say, improvements).  I have absolutely no say in the running of the guild.  I understand people want (need) to vent – I really do – but I can’t help you.  Perhaps you should be venting to the 2 people who can make changes and attempt to get them to take you seriously?  I have a skewed vision of loot anyway – I don’t care about it.  I don’t give a shit if I win nothing in guild runs as long as we are killing the bosses.  I am not ever going to be able to feel sympathy for a loot whinge – ever.

It would be a shame to lose people because of loot, and I understand we have a pretty borked raid makeup – with a huge amount of people rolling for same tier tokens, but if loot is all you are playing for – this really isn’t the guild to do it in.  We don’t clear content fast enough for a start and the majority of people don’t care about loot..I say majority!

2 give you an idea our normal raid make up is as follows:

Paladin    Paladin   Warlock   Priest   Priest   Druid   Death Knight   Mage   Shaman

The last spot it generally either Paladin or Hunter or Warlock.

The tier tokens for the priests.pallies and locks is a hard one to come by in our raids – they don’t drop AND they are spread amongst potentially 6 people.

GAH!!!  Now that is out of my system!

Hubby and I stopped levelling our toons over the easter weekend to help our best mate get to 85.  We spent the entire day on Good Friday running instances – I tanked so we could get insta-queues and by the evening he dinged.  It was pretty awesome 🙂  Then randomly over the weekend we ran some more for him to get gear and points etc, the last few runs he was healing for some experience.

It was pretty good fun and it was so enjoyable to just be running around with him again and talking crap whilst doing it.  Hubby and I sent him some BOE boots, wrists and gloves and I got a belt made for him, and he went and bought some JP gear.  I can’t wait to get him into LFR and see what his thoughts on that are 🙂  The last time he raided was…I can’t even remember….ICC maybe?

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  1. Heh. We have 2 paladins and 3 priests on our regular Alliance roster, so I know all about that whole sharing tokens headache. Fortunately, our team get along pretty well and almost always treat loot as secondary to having a good time and killing bosses.

    To make it even more interesting, we also have 3 druids and a rogue. Yeah …

    1. Ouch! It is not an easy thing to sort out when so many people are dependant on loot tokens – bring the player not the class doesn’t work so well with the standard loot system they have at the moment.

      I always thought we were pretty well sorted as a team, I know the druid, DK and myself always discuss who needs the token more and if we are all equal we roll off and that’s that, maybe it is easier when the 3 of us are like your team and only really focus on killing and enjoying ourselves.

  2. I have to say – see how you ended this post? This is the best part of playing, to me — when it’s fun, beneficial, and everyone leaves happy. I know raid teams can be the same, but it becomes like herding cats. I read through the whole post, and was glad I did! 🙂

    1. Yeah I do like to try and add a positive to the negatives 🙂 The game has so much of both that I don’t think I have been focusing on the positive enough lately, but honestly, I have been doing so much raiding and not much else it is hard.

      I agree with you though, ultimately if you are having a good time and doing the stuff you enjoy, it makles it all worthwhile 🙂

  3. The tokens are also quite a pain in the backside for our guild, since our group is mostly 2 dk’s, 2 mages, 1 rogue, and 1-2 druids. Not many whine about the loot, but I can’t understand why the devs let death knights share tier tokens with three of the most played classes in the game. /sad
    On the alt runs it’s even worse, we’re lucky if we’re with no more than four druids. :p

    We’ve been having such bad luck the last four weeks, 90% of the drops have been hunter/warr/shaman while we mostly only have one shaman in the raid, only every now and then accompanied by a hunter. These guys have enough gear to gear their offspec’s offspec by now!

    1. Holy cow! I feel lucky about our make up now! I really hope they come up with a better system, but ultimately i can’t see how they can – it is meant to keep people going back for the gear they need, hence the randomness.

      You have my sympathies for your raid team!

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