The beta….oh :(

Well how exciting!  I spent from about 4pm until midnight trying to download the beta last night and decided to leave it overnight.  I woke this morning to find the download had not moved and was still at 17%.

I did notice this morning that I could hit the play button so I did and somehow I managed to get into the game.

Anyway I enjoyed my 30 minutes in the game but I couldn’t handle more than that and the pictures behind the cut will show you why.

Talk to the panda to get to pandaria

Took him ages to load and everyone kept advising people to look for the glowing panda 🙂 I thought I was blind!

If you have been reading blogs you will be seeing all lovely pictures with descriptionsoff the huge amount of people 🙂 so here are a couple of pictures to prove it!  I spent about 15 minutes trying to click on one quest was after that quest I decided to just jump offline.

The first quest giver

I am hoping to spend more time on there though 🙂

2 Replies to “The beta….oh :(”

  1. Just got into beta on Tuesday. First night was packed. It gets better by level 7, and by level 10 there is plenty of space to breathe. I also got my DK copied over on Wednesday, and managed to get 1/3 of the way through 85. I posted a video up on my blog.

    Did you create a monk? They are ….. extremely fun.

    1. I might have to push through to level 10 then 🙂 I was still downloading the game in the background so the lag was massive, which also doesn’t help. I shalll check out your video today!

      I created a monk, she is level 2 and i transferred my mage and druid since they are the ones I am tossing up as my main for MoP 🙂

      Fingers crossed I get a chance to get online today.

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