Spine of death wing…. Oh yeah

No, we didn’t defeat spine, but we almost got to the third tendon!

We didn’t get the tendons first time round, we missed the first one by about 3 seconds, and the second one was miles away from it, essentially we did the tendon fight 4 times though, and just before the last tendon we got overrun with bloods. I was about to call out for DPS on the bloods and as I was pushing the button to say it, most of us dropped dead.

I think we had about 5 attempts on spine tonight which was fantastic given this was our second night ever on spine.

My concern tonight was that we wouldn’t get through Warmaster Blackhorn, the last few times we have seen him again, it has been horrific. Tonight though, we wiped a few times, then all of a sudden everyone was on their game and boom!

Hopefully we will have enough on tomorrow night so we can spend the night on it. I think we may be pretty close! Fingers are tightly crossed!

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  1. Spine took us longer than ANY other boss in Dragon Soul. Our 3rd attempt on him went 13 minutes. It was so painful. We single tank it now with 3 healers since it doesn’t require a tank to pick up bloods and keep them off healers.

    Spine goes from wipefest to farm really quickly.

    Good Luck.

    1. We had 2 tanks and 3 healers, so we may drop the extra tank for his DPS spec. I sort o thought you needed a tank on the bloods, but the DPS would be better on the tendon I think. Thanks for the tip.

      I can’t believe you had a 13 minute attempt – how in gods name did the healers not run out of mana?? Well I am sure they were pretty close to it anyway 🙂

      Honestly, Zonozz has our record of 4 weeks at this stage, and judging from our attempt last night, we hopefully won’t take that long – we have been lucky I guess in that with all the spare time from no raiding, we have been running LFR/ 8 manning the first 4 boses and dungeons more for VP which means more gear, so we are probably in a better position now gear and DPS wise than most people were originally.

        1. We have pallies or DK’s as tanks… 🙂 and too many of them!! But I will definitely be suggesting we one tank this week 🙂

          I can also completely understand about the “almost there” thing, if you have everyone alive or even just one/two people down, it is so tempting to just keep pushing that little more…gah…this game is evil for that though 🙂

      1. And our healers are amazing, but yes, mana was awful. The reason we kept going is that we were on the third tendon, so we thought ‘just a bit longer’

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