1.25 hours/4 bosses down and WoW @ work

Yup, I know some people can clear DS in that time, but we are a slower more relaxed guild ok :p (Well that’s my excuse and I am sticking to it).

We managed to recruit a couple of people this week, a healer and a dps, which is fantastic, so we have been able to field some full raid groups.  Last night was spectacular.

We started at about 7.50 really, and we one shot everything.  We just walked up to the first 4 and layed smackdown on their butts.  I have never seen such a smooth run, we all did what was needed, everyone was on point and we just did it right.

I am very proud of the guys for the run we did last night.  We were short a tank, otherwise I am pretty sure we would have done Ultrax as well with the 30 minutes we had left. We called our raid a 9pm.  WTF!?!!?

So, Sunday – we need to kill Warmaster early if we can so we can get some practice in Spine – I am not worried about killing Utrax – we always manage that fight.  Fingers crossed the A game is on again with everyone 😀

I was top DPS a fair bit last night, which made me a little happy – sitting at about 25k dps most o the night excluding hagara where I dropped to about 19k because I suck with too much movement…no idea if that is good, more likely horribly bad for my ilevel, but I was happy with my performance 🙂

On a side note, my parents (also my bosses) have gone overseas for a month and left me alone at the shop.  So I am basically spending all day doing nothing – answering a few calls and doing some quotes, but mostly staring at my pc.  So i decided to bring in the macbook pro and have been playing WoW 😀

So far, my hunter is level 62 and my warrior is now 83.  My hunter is getting levelled at home with my hubby and my warrior I am levelling whilst at work.  I will probably start on my priest once my warrior is level 85. I can’t enter dungeons as I need to be able to help customers, so I am basically questing like a mad woman because I can just jump up if needed.

I am certainly not complaining about the unfortunate circumstance I find myself in of being able to play WoW whilst at work..all day!!

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