MoP Information :D and raid teams

I was refreshing my screen last night on MMO-champ so I could sink my teeth into some information, and was a little disappointed to be honest…there wasn’t all that much new stuff up there.  Yes, there was some…but most we were told at Blizzcon…so meh really.

I love the new girly pandas – they may be my new draenai (most of my toons are draenai).  I like their pudgy but sexy shapes 🙂  The couple of faces in the screenshots are cute as well.

I am wrapped about the extra toon slot, as I was just last week trying to decide which low level toon was never going to get played again to make room.  This way I can finish them off instead of deleting them!  Although in honesty I would have just moved it off server if I got desperate.

I am still reading up on the information as so many sites are putting everything out there – as you would expect.  I did have a brief read of the Monk talents and I love the Ox charge thing….sounds cool, but the rest sound like normal sort of talent things – until we see animations etc 😀

I read on WoWinsider briefly something about mini farms? Sounds fantastic if it isn’t a joke….maybe…LOL…but then I am not entirely sold on the battle pets…I liked my non combat pets and collecting them – I didn’t need to be doing anything with them.

I was reading as much as I could before we started raiding, which in the end didn’t happen because we were short again.  I put some feelers out there for an alliance of sorts with another guild who are also short, and when the GM and I brought it to the guild for discussion last night, I basically got told “no way” to an alliance.  So, I am guessing from the reaction people would prefer not to raid at all if we are short.

Ok, I should be fair and give the full concept – we are always 2-3 short for raiding at the moment.  What the guild wants is to just whisper this potential other guild and pull people in when we need it, and vice versa, they can whisper us and see if anyone wants to raid if they are short.

The two problems being we raid roughly the same nights and we have more consistent players then they do…So I can understand the guilds concern about us moving and altering our team just to fit in one or two more people…especially since they raid slightly earlier as well.

GAH!!!  Sometimes I just wish guild recruiting was easier 😀


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