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I was in a LFD run yesterday on my hunter trying to get some levelling done on her, and for the first time since the LFD tool came into being, I was expelled from a group!!

Two points – I was about to leave anyway and I managed to get a big old “F*** You” off before I got dumped.

We were in undead Strat, and we wiped 3 times before I got booted because the “tank” would just charge into an area and of course all the nearby mobs would aggro, then a flying gargoyle would aggro more and it was just overall stupid, then I watched the mage run straight into a group of zombies and a banshee.

Suffice it to say, we got back up and kept going. However we moved just around the corner and the same thing happened, tank charged into massive group with everything nearby aggroing as well, then someone pulled the bunch of 8 mobs to the left and my pet…decided to run to the furthest mob which then aggroed three more mobs.

Of course we wiped and the tank started screaming in party, I apologised for my pet grabbing three extra mobs as I had targetted a different mob to the one I put him on, but I forget to take him off assist and it was all bad.

However as I was typing my response of “my ONE mistake does not count for the 3 you made or the 2 the mage made, I have no idea why you are screaming at me – go F*** yourself!”  I hit enter, saw it go into party, and as I was about to drop –  I was booted. Yes I realise it was 3 people voting me off the island but if I had been in the group I would have left the group anyway because I wouldn’t want to run with someone that rude – I can’t count how many times I have dropped groups because people are just flat out rude to each other.

I am not the kind of person to ever get angry like that in game, I try to respect everyone equally.  Yes I stuffed up – I did apologise and I am only level 47 on my hunter, so I am still learning – but why am I the source of your abuse for being a retard that doesn’t know you should LoS pull in Strat, and avoid just running into the centre areas because everything nearby does aggro?

I was so upset about it last night, because I felt I had been too rude to him in chat – that will forever be on my record now.  But he was soo nasty about one mistake, one mistake.

I have run some shocking LFD’s – tanks in DPS gear, tanks in all greens, healers in wrong specs, dps below 3k, I have seen it all and I have seen some unbelievably nasty things being said in those runs, and it still amazes me that people can be so horrible to other people.

There is a reason why rape, bullying, murder, war and famine etc etc all keep occurring – because the human race as a group – can’t be nice to each other – we have to compete and be better and belittle and pick on the weaker…’s disgusting.  Are we really the minority – the nice onces?

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  1. I remember staying in a Grim Batol instance for 2 hours just to get the goodie bag at the end. By the time we had reached the last boss, or a little before, the group had cycled through all members of the group until I was the only original member. People will leave or stay (unless they get booted) for various reasons but it’s amazing what some will put up with just for a goodie bag, etc.

    I agree though, it irks me when people are that rude or behave that stupidly though a dungeon or whatever.

    1. They can be some very funny runs though – when people get cycled in – CAN be 😀 I am the same, I will generally stick it out for the bag and xp at the end. No matter how terrible the people are performing – I do try and offer help if it something I know about.

      My basic theory is that we all started somewhere – we didn’t all come into the game knowing everything about every class – so best to share what knowledge I can 🙂

      My husband was in an LFR the other day, and was kicking the butt of another person with a better ilevel. The other person whispered my hubby and asked for advice because clearly he was doing something wrong, and they spoke for about 20 minutes or so…just goes to remind me that not everyone are jerks 🙂

  2. Hi, not exactly related, but I was reading your “My Toons” page, [spose I could have commented there] One of my alts levelled as a Holy Priest. Was great fun healing all these dungeons that had either DPSd or solo’d. Did run into a gear problem at 70 and 80 where the 69/70 level gear didn’t quite get the ilevel for LFD for the new dungeons and some of the good crafted stuff was actually 81. Just something to watch out for.

    Also, try enhance for your shammy. Bashing heads is fun (but I suppose your warrior is better at that 🙂

    1. LOL I am embarrassed to say I can’t bring myself to play my shammy…my hubby runs an enchance shammy and is one of those people that can pick any toon and excel at it…if he jumps onto my toon he can get about 5-6k more dps out of the her than me – it’s just embarrassing- I might just have to give it another shot though because it is more spellwork than melee so perhaps I can handle that a little better now :p

      On my priest – I am struggling with the healing to be honest – I have about 5 healing spells so it shouldn’t really be all that hard, but I only decided to switch from Shadow about 3 levels ago…perhaps more practice? I don’t know how healers handle the stress of imminent death constantly lurking around corners….I am so frazzled after a run!! lol

      1. I love doing 5 mans with my Holy Priest they are so relaxing…the diametric opposite of raiding as a Holy Priest.

        For Holy: Renew, Prayer of Mending and Flash Heal are your main tools, but crack out Holy Word: Serenity every time it’s up …casting two Flashes will get a proc for your big group heal: Circle of Healing, which you simply insert into your ‘rotation’ to steady state the DPS even when you’re focusing of the tank.

        Heal is a good balance between cast time and heal ‘size’, but I prefer the quick small heals of Flash and Serenity. If you use these basic tools at the core of your Holy play you can systematically bolt on the other casts like extensions and develop a style that works for you. 😀

        I bet you play Disc don’tya?

        1. Relaxing??! hehe I cannot see myself ever getting to that point with healing..although having said that, if i can stick with it until mana regen starts being a little better I may be ok. I find it so stressful because people just keep running off whilst I am screaming for mana and then getting smart with me when they get low on health. Apparently it isn’t just me though, I have heard others complain of the same thing around my level range…or maybe it is constant? hehe

          I am playing Holy though, with mouseover macros for my main heals, which does make it slightly easier, but it’s the pressure of someone dying that causes my stress 🙂

  3. As for drama in 5 mans I consider myself a master, well as the GM of Drama Queen that’s entirely appropriate. There is a sensible, healthy balance, that most WoW players do seem to lack, between not taking what you do (killing goblins and elves in a make believe online world) too seriously and not taking how you’re doing it (with the cooperation of four, nine or twenty four other people) seriously enough.

    What we do in Warcraft generally is simply a game with no real world value, but we enjoy it in many situations only with the help and time of other people.

    If you have any respect for other people you laugh when accidents happen and you get annoyed when people waste your time in selfish and ridiculous way. If you play in a way that respects other people you are completely entitled to vent and harangue people who don’t.

    F*** them. 😀

    There are some really nice people around who will; take you down to Brill from Deathknell; introduce you to your class trainer; run you over the hill to Undercity; and show you the bank; and tell you that class and profession trainers are lower down in a large ring. They’ll give you a handful of gold and wish you luck and good fun. Fleetfoot has done that a few times.

    She has also roared at retards in 5 mans whose crime is? Being stupid, not listening and wasting time in stupid wipes that could be better employed asking for advice and learning new strategies. NJ00bs I love and nurture, morons that won’t listen and learn I HATE.

    If I’ve been rude to you in LFD ask yourself what you did. If you did nothing wrong I must’ve made a mistake…it happens.

    1. I understand completely going mental at people just being stupid and repeatedly ignoring requests etc, but if they genuinely just don’t have a clue – it is better to help them out I think 🙂

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