Enter Ironbound Proto Drake

I have had a dreadful flu for the last week and so have not really been doing anything much other than levelling lowbie alts that take no brain power.

I have also been running countless heroics with the hubby to get one of his other toons LFR ready (YAY) so we can run it together  now on a couple of alts.  All my toons got a workout, I tanked a couple – and decided i was not really well enough to continue with it, so went back to my boom chicken and/or mage.

Today though, I saw someone doing the Uld 25 man achievement run and thought to jump in  on it and I am so thankful I did 🙂  I got to see Yogg dead and Algalon and I scored a mount, a title, a feat of strength and over 30 achievements in total 🙂  Pretty exciting stuff if you ask me 🙂

I don’t have a shot of the feat of strength, but it was for having 9000 achievement points!  YAY!

So some of the bosses gave me 4 achievements, but one of the funniest was Freya – we were killing the trash and somehow ended up with her as well….we had well over 40 mobs in the raid when she got aggroed and in the end we got heaps of achievements!

Then of course we left Razor until last to ensure everyone stayed apparently..

I was pretty chuffed actually, I want to do it in 10 man now as well, and also start getting my ICC ones finished – I only have like 2 or 3 achievements under some of the metas. I might try and do another one tomorrow.

Then we were, as usual, short for raid, so we went and killed Nef and the Throne for the couple of us that still needed that achievement – I had not killed the first boss, only the last in ToTW.

We then went and 9 manned the first 2 bosses in DS and called it an early night 😀

Today was one of those days that I achieved something and I felt good because of it.  I had fun, I did some stuff that I have been wanting to do for ages and I was enjoying my time in game so much.  I could have kept going 🙂  I like days like today – it reminds me why I love this game so much – not that I ever need a reminder – but it just gives me a sense of excitement. I want more days like today – and so I may just start doing some of these runs whilst they are being offered and just enjoy it again – see the content I want to see and not worry about all my alts and helping other people!

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