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Logtar posted thread on Blog Azeroth a little while ago, that would have made a great Shared topic, so this is it 😀

I think time have changed a lot, but not quite enough that someone will put (Raid Lead – WoW Blog Writer) into a resume… or maybe some have?

Would you?

I recently had an exchange with a player in a similar profession to mine get very defensive when mixing just the google+ world with the WoW world. I am not a point that I would list my hobbie on my resume (I don’t post any of my hoobies for that matter) but I have no problem associating my online personal with my WoW playing/bloggin either.

I am probably not the best person when it comes to the wrong or right of resumes…I have been trying to find a job for over 12 months with no luck, so I can only assume my resume is a little bit of a let down.
However, I do have my guild/raid leader experience disguised on my resume as a volunteer job for a religious organisation.  I have done volunteer work for a few small organisations and support groups that are no longer active as well, so it isn’t out of place and is mixed in.
Although I haven’t put “WoW GM” on my actual resume – I do have things like recruiting, marketing, dealing with difficult personalities, rostering etc as a part of my resume somewhere.  They are skills I learnt being a GM/RL, they are developed daily in the game and they are things that will benefit me in any position I end up holding.
I wouldn’t put it down as an actual job simply because so many people are still pc dumb that I can’t even talk geek with people I know.  The people I used to work with barely knew how to turn a pc on, let alone about gaming, they were more the “go out, get drunk, get laid and pass out” kind of people.  The people I work with now don’t know how to search in google..well…barely….I am sure not every workplace is like that and perhaps Australia is behind with technology in relation to people, but I think there is still too much of a stigma around gamers in this country.
Are you game enough to do it…no pun intended :p  ??

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