Fizzled out….

Last night was an epic letdown due to issues beyond anyone’s control.  Our normal tank, was back!!  YAY!  He was off moving house and I seriously missed his ability to stay alive in high pressure situations 😀

Zon ozz….grrrr, we wiped on him for a few attempts….but we were doing 40k dps on him..well some of them were..i wasn’t…because I bounce the silly ball 🙂  But I was still doing 30k or so…the point being we bounce 7 times on the first one then 5 or 3 depending on the healing for the subsequent ones…and our tank can handle the 7 like the uber he is….which is awesome.  If our normal MT isn’t tanking we only going to about 5 bounces on each one, just to stay on the safe side.

Then we headed to Ultrax and sadly….our OT and top heals started getting latency of over 5k…even after a few router resets etc….so we called it early…last night – i had that feeling….like we were going to kill warmaster…..but…maybe that can be tonight…maybe…

However the trash on Ultrax has changed again – or maybe it is just us….we got down to 6 drakes killed and a minute left on the timer and they just stopped coming?  No idea why – I don’t remember reading anything about the drakes changing again, but i could have just missed it.  It does;t matter through as we have worked that out now as well.  We had absolutely no issues last night getting them down and to the tank, and the only change we made was to have the tank in the centre on the orange bit and just constantly spamming his taunts.  Worked last week (thanks to a lovely Shammy called…Zepius), and it worked this week.  I think we have that one nailed now 😀

Fingers crossed for tonight.


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  1. I think 6 drakes sounds like a good number. Just enough that you have to have someone there to tank, heal, and DPS and not so many that everyone wants to go AFK for the whole trash spawn.

    1. There rare not many bosses or trash pulls that I really dislike, but this tier – it throwing us some very hateful ones….I want to go AFK for large chunks of it to be honest (dare we mention zonozz…grrr)! Maybe it’s worse because I am R/L so I tend to be watching the mistakes as they in slow motion with me screaming “noooooooooooooo” at home where no-one but my hubby can hear me 🙂

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