The one that started it all meme

Cymre over at Bubble of Mischief decided to start their own meme…I am throwing into this one as well 🙂

I might tag a few others and see if we can get some old school shots 🙂  Like Cymre, I have been playing for a long enough time that I have switched PC’s about 6 times…so trolling through my images folder I went looking for the oldest one I could find.

21st August 2005 – Oh yeah, that’s old…

Lvl 37 red spider!!

So I would have been, what…34 approx?  I remember this so well, I had a quest to go to Tabitha’s hit…yeah…for all you old people out there, you will know there was no marker for her…just a love heart shaped island to head for…However Dustwallow was too high for me, so a guildie came to help me out….Funnily enough, this is still my main toon!

It took us about 15 minutes to get there, because I swear – everything in Dustwallow tried to eat me 🙂  It was THE funniest run to a quest giver I have ever experienced.

Ahhh memories…makes me want to watch :


So to help spread this a little – here is a couple of tags for people to do this – and if you are tagged already…too bad!!!  LOL I refuse to miss out this time!  :p


Jaded Alt



10 Replies to “The one that started it all meme”

  1. Thanks for spreading the meme love. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to tag people since I didn’t want people to feel obliged to do it. After I posted mine, I realised there was a similar ‘old shots’ meme going around.

    I think the tagging option is a good idea though so hopefully this will take off 🙂

    1. My pleasure, although now I wish I hadn’t, since I posted, I have been sitting here going through the thousands of screenshots I have and trying to sort them into some semblance of order….my OCD has kicked in hardcore and I blame you!!!!!! hehhehe

  2. I remember Dustwallow Marsh back then. But I fell into it from up on the hills in Durotar as I was scouting the Raptor’s Nest (Remember the Stolen Silver quest), trying to size them up. I must have been about lvl 20+ and slid down the other side of the mountain. Dusted myself off at the bottom thinking “I’m not in Kansas anymore.”

  3. Glad you joined in Dragonray! Nice action shot – did you do that on purpose or did you accidentally hit the screenshot key while looking for another key (I know I’ve done that before… warstomp damn you !!! and then had a fair number of screenshots of me heading towards death..)

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