Boomkin to the Raid!!

Yeah, I am a complete hypocrite, I know!  I keep saying I hate LFR and yet I am always in there.  For all the crappy attitudes you can find in there, it is still a great way to get experience, try out toons and score gear.

Even if you are the bottom of the dps.

I should say, that although I was bottom, I was doing about 15k as an average.  My gear is only just on the 372 mark – closer to 371 actually…and I really don’t have much of it enchanted as yet, only because I am upgrading it too quickly.

Perfect example I got new shoulders in a heroic from the twilights and then the next day when i jumped into LFR I scored the shoulder token.  Sadly I had just gemmed the twilight shoulders whilst I was waiting in the queue for the LFR.  I can’t pull out the gems can i?  God please tell me I can’t?!!

Lots of druid stuff dropped, however, I didn’t win anything else…until…..the Polearm 🙂

Yeah somehow I managed to get the Polearm off DW, so I am going to have to make my offspec a kitty cat.  Such a shame!  I don’t want another tank – I already have my pally and my warrior as tanks.  I know nothing about kitty though…and i mean….nothing! 

Anyway, i was ok with my dps – not happy happy, but I know I have lots of room to improve.  I need to get used to having a pretty strict rotation to get good dps out – I sometimes just find myself spamming wrath because it is the shorter cooldown – which is not really going to benefit me at all in the long run.  I have to get out of that habit, but when everthing is helter skelter and I am trying to stay out of x, and kill y and be near z etc i just sort of….forget to watch my rotation 🙂

I like playing boomkin though….it is as much fun as I thought it would be…and it has only been 6 years in the making and 15 (or so) druids…

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