Improvement is in the eye of the beholder!

Ultraxion trash….just thinking of it brings tears to my eyes. I didn’t mind the old trash, I swear it was fine!!

This new style has the guild bested. I suspect the tanks inability to actually hit the mobs makes it harder than it needs to be; but I kid you not, tonight was the first time we have actually gotten past it after less than an entire night wiping first.

The rub being it resets Tuesday night and we have to do it all again 🙁 Are any other guilds finding this trash is actually easier; and are your tanks having trouble hitting the dragons?

However aside from all that – I TANKED ULTRAXION – yes yes 🙂 and not in LFR either 🙂 I was a little excited about it 🙂

I also did a couple of heroics on my Druid and….I can now do LFR 🙂 I will possibly get booted for crap dps, but I can certainly have fun trying. I really enjoy playing boomy – almost as much as I enjoy my mage. That’s a bold statement if I say so myself!!!

Too much excitement for one obsessed person to handle 🙂

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  1. The trash is definitely having issues. Some nights they come in at manageable speeds and some nights they swarm us. Pretty sure we wiped on them the other night after all of them just came down at once. I KNOW we don’t have that many taunts in a 10-man raid so I have no clue how it happened.

    1. Yeah we have had the swarming effect as well.

      I am glad to know I am not alone with the trash issues! Our biggest issue though is our main tank being unable to eve hit the mobs – and we have tried long distance taunts, zigagging etc and so far….nothing….

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