Copped a serve this morning….

I decided to jump into LFR this morning on my pally as a healer…I have been gearing up her off spec as heals and was dragged into a heroic the other night (shadowfang) – that was my second time healing anything.  So LFR was my third time.  My level as heals is not enough to get into, but because I have all my tanking gear which isn’t too bad – it bumped me up enough.

I will in future not cheat using that kind of methodology.  There was one person in the LFR just giving me shite for having such low his – from  memory – approx 8k his….according to this wonderful priest he used to get more in bWD….and as i said to him – congratulations, I am so proud that he was such a great player.

He not only brought it up constantly, but got worse each time we killed a boss and then when i won some gear – OMG he went public with it , which – I am glad to report most everyone told him to stfu.  The responses he got were varied about taking lfr to seriously, that I just sucked and to deal with it that perhaps my gear wasn’t good….it’s no wonder players who are nervous about jumping into raiding don’t come back if they are not sure what they are doing – after that guys tirade, it is no wonder you lose your confidence – and yes I now he is just one wanker in a sea of thousands….but I just wish some people would take 5 minutes to remember that some people behind the avatars are new to the classes they are playing and not old pro’s.  There was a pally healer in there doing huge healing…I was in awe….and he just kept saying that no one had died so who cared…I like that theory 🙂

So here is the rub, it was my third time healing anything with lower gear than what I should have been in – but…how in gods name do you get any heals off in LFR….I had huge over healing – almost 15% most of the time.  I am thinking my haste is just too low and my cast times too long, in the end I was just throwing everything i could and still failing at any good healing.  BUt some of the time I just stood there doing nothing because none needed healing…felt a little useless really….

I did score new wrists though 🙂


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