Is anyone stuck on content?

We are still stuck on blackhorn in DS, and we have been suffering from the attendance boss; it has been a week since we raided.

So, to get my wow fix I am trying to find some more blogs and podcasts to get involved in. I jumped on blog azeroth for a few minutes the other day, but will try to add more time over the next few weeks.

What I have noticed, or maybe I just need to read/listen a little more, but ….is anyone stuck on normal DS!?!?!? Has everyone killed deathwing?!?

Are there no guilds out there struggling like us blogging and being involved on podcasts?!?! Do the ones struggling not get out there?

I am intrigued.

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  1. I know other guilds are struggling, I just saw a tweet yesterday about not getting past Warlord Zon’ozz.

    People tend to blog about two types of things: success and drama.

    Personally, very few kills in DS felt spectacular like they did in Wrath (I’m probably getting jaded and we didn’t seem to have to fight as hard to get our kills in newer content.) And I don’t think I’m alone, my first night in DS we were halfway through before anyone thought to bring up kill shots to post on the guild site – something that’s usually in the forefront of the mind on a new kill. So while there is success, it’s not exciting success.

    Not downing bosses can cause a lot of drama, raid rosters rotating can cause drama, prima donnas can cause drama… but if the lack of kills can’t be tied to drama then it just feels like an uneasy “why are we failing at this?” Drama-induced failure often gets blogged about but failure with no clear finger to point doesn’t make headlines. Maybe people are ashamed?

    The 10% buff goes into effect next week. If you’re getting close at all, that should push you over. And an increase to the buff means that you are not alone. Blizzard stated they would not blindly be cranking the dial on this, they are supposedly watching the numbers.

    Can you guys pin point where the issue is on the fight?

    1. Can you please pass on my condolences to the tweet, Warlord caused us to wipe for about 4 weeks, and even now some weeks, we just can’t get him down. If I am not bouncing the ball we fail miserably 🙂 So I understand their pain!

      Re our issues – to put it simply, we are not made up of brilliant players. They are all average – good maybe, but they are not the most raid aware bunch. I spent a lot of my time in raids calling out every detail, in conjunction with the guild leader, so people are aware of it. This isn’t a bad thing, just the way our team is – mostly real life friends, all connected somehow. They (we) are not progression focused, however much that makes me want to cry 🙂 I enjoy the friendship and company though, but not necessarily the lack of progression.

      True enough re the drama issues as well. People – en masse – are able to create drama from nothing 🙂 I am not ashamed of our progress though, which is why I blog about it. Frustrated – yes, but not ashamed! I am quite proud that a group of friends who aren’t serious raiders have accomplished as much as we have. I just feel the community sometimes doesn’t really care about the mid-level raiders who are not doing heroic modes and clearing things quickly.

      However that runs in with your thoughts on things not being quite as epic as they used to be. I wonder if being able to just go into heroic mode would change that – for the progression focused people – would it be epic then?

      1. Firelands felt epic. We struggled on fights for weeks, finally succeeding when all seemed lost. And everyone around us was too unless they were the elite guilds with their pick of the litter in recruiting.

        Dragon Soul we walked in, 9-manned the first boss and continued to 1-shot everything up until Ultraxxion in our first alt run (I was in a 25 man guild at the time, we ran 10s for alts) and I think it was the first or second week. The boat tripped us up a little, then spine, then madness. But I had heroic Morchok down (on 25) before the 5% nerf went in to effect. I’ve NEVER had the end boss down on regular before the nerfs came in, let alone dreamed of seeing a heroic fight while it was still current.

        My new guild is a 10-man guild. We full clear on normal in one night on two teams. Which is exactly what I wanted. I show up, I kill shit, I log out. Repeat. I don’t even care about the gear. But they suddenly have a bee up their butts that because we CAN turn it on to heroic means we are READY to do so. There’s a gap between LFR difficulty and normal. There is a larger gap between normal and heroic. With where I am right now in life, with the amount of time I’m willing to dedicate to smashing my head against the wall with people that think that because they can see it they can have it, I don’t even want to do heroics – nothing epic at all about it. It’s far more of a headache than it was in FL or previous raids when we *finally* got to the heroics.

        I seem to have lost my point. Anyway, the speed you clear it at is the speed that is right for you (barring any gross negligence or stupidity on the part of your raiders). It seems like the sooner heroic was unlocked the sooner people became obsessed with keeping up with the realm rankings and less interested in progressing at an appropriate pace while having fun.

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