Mists of Panderia – talents

Let me start this post by stating right here and now…I dislike Blizzard’s idea of making it impossible to choose what talents I want!

They have added some absolute crackers to the trees and I am drooling with anticipation….

So let’s start with the best one – Runes…for mages…RUNES I tell you!  I throw them down and step up into awesomesauce….RUNES!!!

I am confused (concerned) about a few things, like arcane brilliance increases spell power now instead of increasing mana pool…not that it matters because essentially it’s the same thing, but it’s just a little weird and will take a while to get used to.

I like the updates they have made and I will not enjoy at all having to choose which talents I will want for my mage.  Providing I am still on her as my main and I can tell you now, I am not really thinking about seriously changing anytime soon, however….

Druids…my other favourite class at the moment….can I just say….if anything makes me change my main – it will be symbiosis…..




All I want to do is constantly symbiote Mirror image off a mage and have hundreds of Owlkin everywhere!!

Of course, I will really only be swayed if we have the whole account wide achievements thing actually come into effect.

Pallies – I haven’t really read much on the pally however I like the reduction to avengers shield – that is sweet!

All in all I am liking the new trees, I am not concerned in the slightest about what it means for the players as I honestly think it will bring a little more fun into the mix.  They are still going to make awesome PVE content that is going to be based on your ability to play your character….so what if you don’t have 60 different buffs; if you can’t get out of the fire you are pretty much fucked anyway.


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