I was tagged in a funny little game called sixth from clearcasting, who has added me to the blogroll 🙂  (AWESOME!!).


Basically you head to your pictures folder and click on the sixth image and post it 🙂

Yes, it’s almost better than a Van Gogh

Whilst raid leading through Naxx back in the recent day, The guild was struggling on a few bosses and it became mostly normal for me to draw actual pictures of major events during the fight so that people could actually see what the plan was.  I did for a fair few bosses and would post them in our guild forums for people to run through.  This made it much easier for people to understand where they needed to be, or move to etc 🙂  My pictures became a phenomena all on their own 😀

In my spare time I like to play with my camera, this one of my images that happened to be sixth 🙂

To tag others now;  the problem being that everyone I was going to tag has already been tagged and done their posts in response.

5 Replies to “Sixth”

  1. I love that Thaddius guide! We certainly could have used something like that back in the day. Of course, I would have resorted to rolling it up and smacking the bad raiding kittens on the nose with it.

    1. Yeah I can resort to all sorts of crazy to ensure they get the idea….apparently the videos didn’t make enough sense….I am not glad my bad bad bad pictures were the key to success 🙂 It makes me worried!!

  2. I just think its so awesome that it is hand drawn. I know I get all messed up, might draw the thought on paper, but I have to then make a real mess of it by trying to reproduce in in some graphic program that had specific design requirements to hate me.

    Damn it, draw it, post it… love it

    1. That’s exactly how this came about, I tried to do a fancy image in “paint” with circles and dots etc….massive fail…so decided that my guildies should love me enough to survive some truly horrific storyboard drawing…thankfully I was right 🙂

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