gah..zonozz i hate you


I wanted us to clear all 5 bosses tonight so we had some solid work on warmaster, and we mostly managed it.  We cleared the first four…after wiping..6 times on Zon’ozz….

and when i mean wiping, I mean epic failure of massive proportions…balls going all over the place, tanks not moving to the ball fast enough and letting it go right by them, people dying for no reason, ball bouncing for no reason, people stealing agrro off tank in first 2 seconds so ball going to france….


We walked away and went to Yorsahj – one shot him, then came back for Warlord (3 more attempts finally saw him die)…we stayed an extra 20 minutes after raid time just to get hagara down.  So Sunday we will be Ultrax and warmaster again – we 2 shot ultrax last time, so we will have plenty of time for Warmaster this week….I am not sure if that is a good or bad thing though 🙂

We had some minor loot drama which I caused but it annoys me that people can not play for a month without advising us, and then just come in and take loot from people who have been doing the wiping with us.  I am going to bring this up with the officers as I am sick of having no loot rules set down – and the overall “meh’ conditions people are guilding under…

I got a ring upgrade as well, which is nice and will do some more LR see if I can’t finally win something in there 🙂  SO far I have won 4 pieces I think and I have run it….hrmm maybe…12 times?


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