Warmaster Fatface (Blackhorn)….

I cannot…CANNOT….arggghhhh!!

Horrible horrible horrible fight on 10 man….so horrible in fact that i can’t even bring myself to typing about it without wanting to crawl into a corner shaking and crying.

He is our wall, and honestly I am letting the team down. I can do 27k on Ultrax on a good pyro night, yet on WB I am barely managing 11k dps…and that’s maybe….generally I am under 10k…

It’s so insane, I am constantly running around to get things and I am just not being able to get the dps out which means we are getting overrun with adds.

I am soaking every second twilight onslaught and that was helping us on Monday night, and we were really really close to getting to actually fight Warmaster…like…1.2 drakes to go…

We kept losing the ship though – not to sappers though, to all the other damage.

We are doing everything right, we just need to get more practice at it.  So another week clearing and we should be just that little bit closer!!


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  1. Don’t worry about your damage on this fight. It picks up if you live long enough to see the end. (Once you’re down to Garona and Blackhorn there’s a lot more opportunity to stand and burn.)

    Focus on saving the ship, all those little purple swirlies add up. Get your ranged team to pick one drake and nail it down before moving to the second (except for your DoT classes, let them multi dot before focus-fire on one drake.) That will help cut down the amount of extra damage that has to be soaked. Remember – dead dragons breathe no purple fire on flying ship decks.

    For Twilight Onslaught, EVERYONE needs to soak it on 10-man, with the exception of the tanks unless they are exceptional at moving the adds and not getting the raid cleaved. Healers and tanks in their 4-piece tier need to be cycling cooldowns.

    Melee should be taking down the Dreadblade first, then the Slayer. If they don’t have any adds, they should be soaking purple swirlies and can even help with the drakes (just don’t fall off!), but they may need to jump to hit them.

    1. At the moment, if you were to watch us during this fight, we look like people having some sort of seizure…we are really lacking in control, however towards the end of the night we are always just a few seconds off the phase change..

      All the theory is being executed, but just….badly? I guess. Admittedly, we have only spent 2.5 raid nights on him, so I really don’t think we are doing overly bad…we are getting to the last drakes now and almost to Warmaster….improvement from not even killing the first drake 🙂

      I think this takes so much co-ordination for a 10 man mostly casual guild, I am not sure if it’s the same number of things going on, however for 10 people trying to ensure they catch everything – this is not easy – i really don’t know how others are doing it so easily 🙂

      I had to laugh at your melee suggestion…we actually only added a melee to the group last night as he decided to use his rogue and not his hunter…otherwise we are all ranged and quasi-melee.

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