5/8 – Ultrax down

It was a tough night!  but in the end we got him down.

We were getting him to 2% consistently, we just didn’t have quite enough dps.  We were two healing and we decided to have the normal third healer dosing…which means the gear was not quite there and it was a little tougher, however after a short break and some gear upgrades, enchants etc, we smacked him down.

It was still really close, and hopefully next week if people get a couple more upgrades, we will find that just a tad easier again.  It’s a cool fight.

I took crit food, pre potted, crit potion – everything i could think of to get my chances of pyro up and in the end i think it paid of. My dps as the fight ended was 27k..shame i can’t hit that consistently…

Anyway, onto the boat now and that will be tomorrow night’s raids and we shall see how we do.

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