Back the raidzone

It was our first night back in and we smashed through the first four bosses like a knife through butter.

We started late by about 20 minutes and I think everyone was a little hyped up. I borked the first boss…I got stuck behind a pillar and then to avoid the black blood I ran into some adds…and well you can guess where that went ๐Ÿ™‚ smashed him when we came back though.

Went straight to zonnozz a d we wiped on e due to bad positioning and then I am pretty sure we got him on the next attempt. Considering we spent a month wiping on him; it was a massive upper for the guild!

One shot on the slime lord and then headed to the evil hagara! We had spent two nights on her before the Xmas break so I figured it was going to rough. Thanks to some research into healing through the ice tombs, we only wiped twice, I think, and then we got her. Everyone stayed alive during the tombs and we didn’t lose anyone until right near the end.

Overall though it was an absolutely epic night! I honestly had not expected that success and it was fantastic to see the team work and everything being in sync.

Thursday will be ultraxion….let’s see how we go then hey? Wish us luck!

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  1. I’m raiding only 25 man, so my only experience is with that. I agree tombs should be down faster but they arent and ppl drop pretty low in those sometimes. I myself died in a tomb after a pretty long time. I think the dps are instructed to just cleave the tombs.And yes, the focused assault on 25 hc is brutal on tanks. We’ve had tanks dying with pain supp on them. I’ll ask my guild to let me go holy for the next tries, though I’m a bit confused if it would be better idd. Our tactic implies ranged healers stacking up in the middle on the frost phase so they can dps fully, and the healing in that phase is brutal. I do end up spamming shields just to give the other healers time to heal, and poh seems less efficient on the melee group that is pretty spread. Some ranged ignoring the stacking part doesnt help either. Our setup is : 2 palas, 2 shamans, 2 druids and either me or another priest in the guild (he is mainly holy, I am mainly disc, though I don’t mind playing either specc). I think we also had some tries with both priests in the raid when one of the shamans was off, didn’t see much of a difference. I’ll check logs to see how the holy priest did healing wise, truth be told, I didn’t look.I don’t think stacking up during Ice is viable unless you can nuke down the crystals real quick and I mean pronto. If you can handle the dispels it’s much easier and safer to let everyone run during Ice. ๐Ÿ™‚ Oh and shamans doesn’t shine on Hagara so if you have one other healer benched you could consider swapping out a shaman.

    1. Focused Assault shouldn’t be hitting your tank for more than 1-2 ticks. As soon as it begins, the tank backs up out of her range and she’ll stop to move up and start melee again.

      You don’t really stack so much as ranged need to pay attention to the ice shard lines. Every ranged person should take a turn soaking 4-6 shards to alleviate the healing pressure.

      Atonement heals are a real benefit on the tombs, the splash will hit the encased player.

      1. Yeah the focused asault isn’t a problem now that we have been clearing her for a few weeks now…I wouldn’t say on farm, but definitely clearing ๐Ÿ™‚

        I found all non direct heals work for the tombs, which is pretty good given we always run with a pally, shammy and druid as our heals ๐Ÿ˜€

        We don’t switch our ice shards people…I might suggest that though as it would be a much better solution, thanks for the tip.

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